Monthly Photo Project – August

As a part of this year’s Yearly Bucket List, I decided to challenge myself to do some sort of a photo project. I ended up deciding to do a monthly photo project (maybe someday I’ll be able to push myself to actually stick to a daily project…), and I also decided to make the photos be of my two girls.

By the way, it’s still a little surreal to say “my two girls.”

Anyway, the first two months will have to be self portraits of sorts so that I can get photos of Peanut with my bump. Now this poses a challenge in itself as I’m just starting out with self-portraits, and I have a long way to go on getting good at them. Add in a busy toddler, and the challenge just gets that much harder!

Nacogdoches photographer self portrait of daughter and baby bump for monthly photo project

We may have had a moment involving shoes and some dog poop, a little bit of rain, a dog photobombing the back of most of the photos, and lots of corralling Peanut, but it was fun anyway.

Nacogdoches photographer self portrait of daughter and baby bump for monthly photo project

I’m really looking forward to continuing this project throughout the year, and pretty soon, it won’t have to be a self-portrait!

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