Think Only of the Best

This quote seemed like the perfect Monday motivation I needed, so I just had to share it!


As we head into this week, let’s all really try to “Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.” Happy Monday, y’all!! I hope you end today a better version of yourself than when you started, and just know that I’m on your side!

Monthly Photo Project – July

I’m kind of sad that this is the last post for the monthly photo challenge I did as a part of my Bucket List for last year. It’s been fun to make myself really focus on getting photos of the girls each month to see how they’ve grown and remember some of the day-to-day moments.

July’s photos were pretty appropriate considering how dang hot it was!! A little bit of pool-time-fun for the win!

Houston photographer images of daughters Peanut & Pumpkin for a monthly photo challenge - July installment in the baby pool

Clearly Pumpkin was enjoying pool time with her sister!

PeanutPumpkinJuly2016-4_WEBHouston photographer images of daughters Peanut & Pumpkin for a monthly photo challenge - July installment in the baby poolPeanutPumpkinJuly2016-6_WEB

Little Pumpkin does this all the time with her hands, and I love that I caught her doing it!


They aren’t exactly playing together just yet, but it’s pretty cute to watch Peanut hand off toys to Pumpkin! I also love watching how serious she is when making her “soup” – love that she has an active imagination! I hope she’s able to hold on to that and develop it into creativity as she grows up.


Y’all, messy, wet hair is such a picture of summertime for me. After all my years spent with summer days full of the pool, it’s so much fun to watch my girls start their own summertime memories – complete with crazy pool hair!


Those eyelashes!!!!


I love this one…


Things that make my mama-heart melt: that smile…


…and those little thighs!!


Peanut & Pumpkin – I love you both to the moon & back!


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Open Season

I’m going to be honest with y’all and say that this season in life has been a strange one for me. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m such a planner, and not knowing exactly what the next steps will be has been an adjustment.

But as I’m going into this next adventure in our family life, I’m excited about having to switch my mindset.


I’ve usually been booked solid between a full-time job, photography & being a mama. Even before Peanut was born, all the way back to high school, I typically had a plan and next steps all lined out before the transition began.

This time? It’s not quite laid out. And while that’s really weird for me, I’m really excited about it because it’s really pushing me to be open. To really listen to what God is speaking into my life, and where He’s calling me to serve. I’ve started the process & stepped into a small role at Peanut’s school for the next two months.


So as new things begin to flow into my life, I’m excited about working on my ability to listen, to discern, & to say “Yes” if that’s how I feel called to respond.

So here’s to open season, y’all. And here’s to learning to listen!