Maternity Portraits – The Koltonski’s

I am thrilled to share photos of Whitney, Chris & their little one, “Special K.” This was such a perfect maternity shoot… laughter, love and that beautiful feeling of anticipation and overwhelming joy that comes along with a baby.

There were a lot of subtle personal touches in this shoot, which I absolutely love!! There’s just something about a great photo, and it’s even better when you know there’s a little extra meaning behind it. We started in downtown where Whitney & Chris had their engagement photos taken.. so sweet!



Whitney, you are stunning. Just stunning! Pregnancy definitely looks good on you! Koltonski-30_WEB



This one just makes my heart melt!! Koltonski-65_WEB


Halfway through our shoot, we headed just slightly out of town to the prettiest sun-drenched field, which just so happens to belong to Whitney’s sister & brother-in-law. I just had to grab a few shots of these insanely adorable boots while the parents made a quick wardrobe change. Seriously… how cute are those boots??Koltonski-106_WEB

Another sweet detail… Whitney & Chris are waiting until the baby’s arrival to find out if they are having a boy or a girl. They’ve embraced the surprise of it, but couldn’t help but prepare for either sweet outcome with two precious little sleepers. Can’t wait to find out if Special K will be wrapped up in pink or blue!Koltonski-117_WEB


I really could shoot in this field everyday… just beautiful!! I think this one’s a favorite.. Koltonski-172_WEB





These next two are favorites too! Koltonski-167_WEB



Such a perfect baby bump.. Koltonski-125_WEB

We used the last little bit of light to snap a few more of Whitney, and I think she’s just the epitome of that pregnancy glow. Koltonski-199_WEB

Special K, your mama told me she knows you’re going to just be rotten with all the love and spoiling you’ll get when you arrive (and are already getting now)… I’m sure you’ll be spoiled, but with parents like yours, I know you won’t be rotten. So soak up all the love you’re given, little one! You deserve it.



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