Happiness Journal – Days 14-21

Time for an update on the Happiness Journal! Here’s a glimpse at the things that have made my heart happy over the past week…


14. Moments of genuine laughter with my amazing staff

15. My gorgeous flowers from the most thoughtful coworker for National Bosses’ Day & getting an email about a Kindergarten & 5th grade collaborative art project inspired by a story I featured in a Web Gems post



16. Reading all of the excited texts from Gina about her engagement photos

17. Painting at The Happy Easel with University Professional Women – such a fun event outside of the normal luncheons!!


18. A great maternity portrait shoot with Whitney & Chris


19. Coming home from my third shoot of the weekend to a delicious home-cooked meal Max made

20. Catching up with a former bride & starting to dream up some exciting collaborations/plans for b.marie.photography – such a great mix of personal life updates, laughter, excitement about where things are going for each of our endeavors, and appreciating talking to someone who just ‘gets it’ when it comes to a creative business

21. Going to the SFA Volleyball game with my dad and Peanut. It was so fun to go back to our old tradition of catching mid-week games together, and bringing Peanut along for the first time was too much fun. She loved it, and I loved watching my dad show Peanut the sport he loved to watch me play.


5 thoughts on “Happiness Journal – Days 14-21

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