Senior Portraits – Wayvalon

With the busy pace of life these days and booking shoots in advance, I rarely have an occasion to book a shoot for someone only a week in advance… but it just so happened to work out that way with Wayvalon, and I’m so glad it did! She will be graduating from SFA with her master’s degree in December, and she really is just as sweet as they come!!

Wayvalon-1_WEB This shot… Wayvalon, you’re gorgeous!!!! Wayvalon-5_WEB Wayvalon-3_WEBI love this one too!! Wayvalon-6_WEBWayvalon-7_WEBWayvalon-10_WEBWayvalon-14_WEBWayvalon-13_WEBWayvalon-11_WEBThe morning light was just gorgeous… almost as pretty as Wayvalon! Wayvalon-15_WEBWayvalon-18_WEBWe headed to one of SFA’s beautiful garden/trail areas, and I loved the contrast of Wayvalon’s bright dress and heels with the natural surroundings.. Wayvalon-22_WEBWayvalon-26_WEBWayvalon, you have such a pretty smile!! Wayvalon-24_WEBWe finished up our time at the classic entrance to campus.

Wayvalon, thank you for being so great to photograph!! Congrats on this amazing achievement, and enjoy every moment of your graduation!!

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