Web Gems – Round 11

Nacogdoches Photographer compiles great finds from around the internet


  • Love this show, and LOVE this move they’ve made.



  • This. THIS. THIS!!! O my goodness this seriously hit me – and I wish I could have articulated these mama feelings as well as she did! For real this is soooo true!


  • So thankful for reports of human beings being kind to one another! We tend to get caught on the negative stories shown in the news, but good things are happening out there too, y’all!


  • AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!!! Blue Bell is coming back, y’all!! It’s about time this preggo, ice-cream fanatic can get some of that Blue Bell goodness! Sure, I may have to go visit family to be in one of the counties that is included in phase 1, but at least I can do that! Two hours isn’t too long of a drive for Blue Bell!



  • This is such an inspiration!!! There’s nothing we can’t do with determination, a willing spirit and a smile. Warms my heart and makes me want to go out and achieve BIG things!


  • This… I just don’t even really have the words. So fun! Only thing that could make this better is if he was actually one of the players, but still. So. Good.

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