Happiness Journal – March 1-10

I am keeping another Happiness Journal during the month of March as a part of my Yearly Bucket List for this year. It is such a great reminder to be intentional about happiness – whether that is planning for things that you know will make you happy, or consciously recognizing the little things throughout the day that bring you joy.

So here’s the first third of the month’s entries:

  • 1st – Kolaches for breakfast from Dad (yes – food makes me happy haha)
  • 2nd – Date night with Max. We tried a new place in town, Zouki’s, and it was great to have some alone time and eat some great food.
  • 3rd – Yoga during my lunch break



  • 4th – Canton trip with mom & Pumpkin. This is something that was on my bucket list for this year as well, and it was just perfect! The weather was great, it wasn’t too crowded, Pumpkin did sooooo good, and we got some cute things!

Nacogdoches photographer image of my mom and daughter shopping in Canton


  • 5th – Sitting in the sunshine reading a magazine
  • 6th – Getting Pumpkin to giggle. There’s nothing quite like the sound of baby giggles.
  • 7th – Peanut helped me give Pumpkin a bath, and it was just too cute. She took it so seriously and I could tell she loved getting to help out as the big sister!
  • 8th – Mom texted me this picture of Pumpkin, and it brought the biggest smile to my face!



  • 9th – Peanut singing “If all the raindrops” with me in the car on the way to school as the rain poured down
  • 10th – Seeing some sunshine & a little blue sky on the way back to the office from yoga at lunch. A nice little break from the gray & rain!

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