Happiness Journal – Days 22-28

Here’s the next installment of the Happiness Journal…


22. Baby giggles & some sweet quiet 1-on-1 time with Peanut after a photoshoot

23. Lunch with a good friend and my sweet husband (bonus points for a mini shopping trip while waiting on our food to be ready!)

24. Date night at the SFA Homecoming bonfire with a Bart Crow Band concert (gotta love those low-light iPhone photos…)


25. Lots of quality time with family and friends at the Homecoming parade, the pumpkin patch & the SFA football game


26. Seeing clients’ confidence literally grow in front of my eyes & my lens during a photoshoot

27. Finalizing a date for bridal portraits for Brittany!

28. Talking with my student instructor/OL Kim & hearing her process for gauging when to get out of bed based on what show is playing on the Disney Channel.. “If it’s Doc McStuffins, girl, you better go!” Too funny!


5 thoughts on “Happiness Journal – Days 22-28

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