A Little Balance

Hey y’all… no real blog post today. Sorry! But not really sorry… because there is no blog post for a good reason. After spending last Wednesday-Saturday with my AMAZING orientation staff family, I decided that spending time with my family this weekend was my priority.

Time with my awesome parents who were in town for a little bit. Time with my sweet husband. And time with the sweetest and silliest little girl who I missed terribly while I was gone!!


We spent time in the pool (thanks, Pops! And how cute is that bathing suit/hat combo?!? Thanks, TooDee!), got some grocery shopping done, made a delicious dinner, and watched two movies on Sunday. TWO! (More to come on those later in the next movie challenge post.)


I’m thankful for a slow day and a half after retreat, and thankful for both of my families.


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