Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day today.

Yes, today’s supposed to be about love.


But I hope today you focus on more than just romantic love. Celebrate love of family. Love of friends. Love of nature. Love of God.

Go past the Hallmark phrases or conversation hearts, and actually share phrases from YOUR HEART.

Kingwood photographer morning engagement session in arboretum & downtown Nacogdoches

Not everyone feels like they write well, or speak eloquently. We don’t all sound like that perfect line from a movie. But that’s not what matters anyway – the real, honest, true-life stuff is what matters, regardless of how messy it may seem.


So today, take a minute to share love. Give a hug. Give a high five. Compliment someone’s shoes (as long as you genuinely like them). Write a love note. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Look in the mirror & say out loud to yourself at least one reason why you love you…. & then believe it.


If you’re into grand gestures, by all means go big with your displays of love & affection. But if you’re more a sticky-note on the dash of the car kinda person – go with that. Just share your love today… there are people in your life who need to hear it & feel it.

Love Day – Peanut’s first Valentine’s and a fun surprise

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person as far as the pressure to give pricey gifts, or have the biggest flowers delivered during the work day. Not that I mind gifts or flowers, but I just think those things have so much more meaning when given on a random day rather than on a day that dictates the need for those things. On the other hand, I absolutely love the idea of having a reminder that we should showcase the love and appreciation we have for others. We can all be better about this, and sometimes the reminder is helpful.

So in the spirit of showing love, I decided to do a few special things this year.  First, I sent off some sweet little items in snail mail on behalf of Peanut for her first Valentine’s Day. Inspired by this adorable pin on Pinterest, I decided to mail “hugs” to our closest family members.


I started by tracing Peanut’s adorable little hand, and cutting it out to use as a template.  The tracing part was a bit challenging since she doesn’t quite sit still at this point, but I was able to get it close enough to count. Then I took some curling ribbon and stretched it out from one of Peanut’s hands to the other so that I could get the length of her wingspan for the “hug”, and cut multiple lengths of ribbon. I used the hand template to cut out multiple pairs of hands out of plain white paper. While I was doing that, I roped the husband into helping, and had him cut out multiple pairs of hearts from pink cardstock.


Then I simply took some tape and pinned the ribbon between the pink heart and the hand. I realized that I better pay attention when taping the hands down so that I made sure to position them correctly (thumbs in).

I typed up a simple little poem and printed them four to a page so they would fit into the simple Valentine’s Day cards I had bought. Of course I had to include a photo as well 🙂


The other thing I was excited about for Valentine’s Day was a surprise for the husband. We decided not to buy each other gifts this year, but I still wanted to do something special for him that wouldn’t necessarily cost any money. I found these amazing printables by Haute Chocolate, and printed out a few pages of them. I decided to write on the back of each tag something that I love about him. After cutting them all out, I taped them in random places around the house for him to find when he woke up on Valentine’s day.


An example: I wrote on the back of one of the tags “I love how you support my Blue Bell addiction”, and taped it to one of the multiple Blue Bell ice cream containers in our freezer so that he’d see it when he went to grab the cooler bag to put Peanut’s milk in before heading to the sitter’s house that morning.


Valentines Mini Sessions

I offered Valentine’s Day themed mini sessions for the first time this year, and I had so much fun!!! I have already started to think of more ideas for mini session themes for future offerings! Until then, here are a few glimpses at some of the mini sessions…

First up… Brandie. I was so excited for Brandie’s mini session because she is so excited about Valentine’s Day! It is her favorite holiday, and I loved that she brought her own props to add to the shoot.





How perfect is that dress? Love the red & purple! And the conversation hearts? Classic Valentine’s day!



Next… The adorable Smith kids. I seriously cannot believe how big Austin has gotten! I remember taking his picture for his 3rd birthday party invitations. Talk about time flying. And little Miss Averie… how cute can she get?! And don’t even get me started on that adorable outfit. SO. GOOD.



Such a ham! Love it 🙂




Seriously… those two bottom teeth? I’m dying.




Cuteness overload!


Like I said, mini sessions will most likely be making a return to… Let me know in the comments if you have any themes you’d be excited to see offered!! 🙂