Intentional Living

I received a suggestion a little while ago to read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, and I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. I haven’t gotten too far into the book just yet, but I think one of the main points is really interesting, and warrants taking a little bit of time to really think about your current life & plans for the future.

Ferriss talks about the mentality of the “New Rich” and how rather than putting off enjoyment, travel and rejuvenation to the end of life in retirement, we can inject mini-retirements periodically into our lives as we go. We can work fewer hours without location constraints, so travel is a viable option at all times.


Now, the old-school part of me thinks sure, that’s great and all, but in the real world most people have to put in the work, pay your dues, and earn the enjoyment of retirement.

The other part of me sees the value in this way of thinking and not putting-off living until later, when we may or may not be capable. And there’s always the thought that changing financial situations may not allow for the things we think we’ll do “someday.”

One key thing that really stuck with me right away though was that you have to be intentional about the time you want to free up. So if you’re working to cut back your workdays from 5 days to 4 days a week, you can’t just be working to have more free time. You need to want to have the time for a specific reason – whether it’s learning to bake, being able to make it to your kids’ sports competitions, or traveling to historic landmarks around your state.

The key is to be specific, and work to make sure you’re living too. And really, whether you follow the rest of the plan or buy into the “New Rich” idea/lifestyle, I think that is such a valuable lesson and reminder to us all. Be smart, but don’t keep putting off living until later!

So what is one thing that you want to intentionally start building into your life?

I’m Addicted!

Confession time: I think I might be addicted to planning. My to-do lists have to-do lists. Calendars, lists, the blog schedule, my closet – all organized and color-coded.

Pretty sure sometimes my husband thinks I’m nuts, but I have to have things written out and planned in advance. Each week I create a Weekly To Do list for myself. This is broken out by my tasks that need to get done on my lunch break, and then after work. Having things designated by the time of day helps me make sure they all get done. If I know I’ll be able to knock out a blog post or empty the dishwasher on my lunch break, I schedule it so that those 20 minutes are freed up to allow me to go to bed before midnight.

To Do

Excuse the iPhone shot… I was busy working on my to-do list, and that was the quick option! 

As for as blog planning, I mentioned having things color coded… I am a very visual person, so being able to take a split-second snapshot of when I last posted a certain type of post is soooo helpful! Each repeating category of post has it’s own color, and not only is it helpful, it makes looking at the blog schedule that much more enjoyable when it’s full of bright and happy colors!

Blog planning

I think maybe the two-job thing and wanting to still have family time and a life are contributing to my love of  need for this. But really, it’s the thing that keeps me on track most weeks. And I’m not 100% all the time tethered to the to-do list.. some nights it just goes right out the window in favor of Blue Bell ice cream, our comfy couch, and re-runs of The Big Bang Theory with my husband. But most of the time – it’s on the to-do list, and on with the productivity!!


Am I the only one who has to plan things out and write them down? What tips, tricks, apps, etc. do y’all use to stay on track and get things done?? Go ahead and share my next addiction in the comments!