This Is Us (Crying)

Ok, so I have to guess that I’m probably not the only one around here completely hooked on This Is Us. I have seriously cried in every episode I think! (And don’t lie – you know you have too!!) It’s seriously gotten to the point where I have to hope that Max doesn’t walk in while I’m watching it because I know he’ll tease me for crying.


There are so many people who have fallen in love with the show & the characters, and I think there’s a few reasons for that…
They are not perfect. This isn’t a new idea when it comes to tv, but I think the writers & cast do a phenomenal job of bringing such a realistic sense to the struggles they face. They hurt & they fail, and I think we just resonate with that.

They value one another. I think that society has gone really far in the way of looking out for yourself, and seeing these people, this family, truly care for one another is really refreshing. They don’t always like one another, but they are still a connected family, and they fight FOR each other.

They consistently keep us on our toes. There have already been a lot of plot twists so far (I won’t go into specifics in case you somehow haven’t seen the show & want to catch up), and I have no doubt they will keep coming. From little surprises to big cliff-hanger moments, it keeps us engaged & wanting to know what happens.


I think those things are all really valuable lessons for us too. We are able to connect, to really resonate with other people when we are willing to show the messy side of things. To admit we aren’t perfect & that while in some ways we’re on top of it, in other ways we’re just a hot mess. We are able to gain loyal “fans” – be it friends, significant others, clients – when we show how we value others, especially them. We keep ourselves front of mind when we are consistent about bringing action that draws people in and makes them want more. Now I’m not saying we need to continually make people feel like they’re at the end of a cliff-hanger episode with us… We just need to be engaging about deep and meaningful things!


So take a cue from the family that cured my sadness over the loss of the Bravermans, and get out there & be real with people, be for people, and engage people. But please, try not to make them cry so often! 

The Minor Major Battles

Lately we have been in a season with Peanut where it seems that almost every simple, little task turns into a drawn-out battle.

Eating breakfast, getting dressed, getting in the car, cleaning up, going to the bathroom, eating dinner, feeding the dogs, getting in PJs, going to bed… and on and on.

These seemingly simple things are now something to be fought in marathon fashion.

It drives me absolutely crazy, and I try to pick my battles, but when the battles include the necessary steps for 1. staying alive, & 2. going to school everyday, there’s not a whole lot of choice in the matter. It seriously seems like the only thing she agrees to & picks up the pace for is to get to the couch to watch Doc McStuffins…



I’ve been trying to get some perspective on this (’cause if I can’t get it to stop, I might as well get something positive out of it), and I realized that I’m probably a lot like that with God’s necessary steps too. I’m sure I take waaaaaaay longer than needed to follow his plan. I’m sure I seem to question His wisdom & fight His intentions. In short, I probably act like a small child with a semi-attitude issue.

But the good thing is that He is infinitely more patient than I am. He is infinitely more loving than I am. And He extends infinitely more grace than I give to Peanut (or myself).


So if you’re a parent who has some crazy-life hacks for this mama of two strong willed girls – LET. ME. KNOW. Teach me your ways!!! And if you’re just a mama who’s in the thick of it too – I’d love to hear from you! And if you’re just a kind soul who wants to send up a prayer that I can grow to be ever more like God, especially as a parent, I’d cherish the prayers – and you.

Yearly Bucket List – Year 3 Update

Kingwood photographer's yearly bucket list project

Y’all…. I can’t believe that January is practically almost over. WHAT?!?!!?

And when I recently took a look at my Yearly Bucket List, I realized I have GOT to get on it! There’s a lot left to do, but I’m excited about trying to get these things done in the next 6 months. So here’s my not-so-impressive update…


  1. Create some art for our new home. – In progress – I’ve got some of my photos up, but nothing new. Plans to get some photos of the girls for their playroom, though! 
  2. Run a photo giveaway or scholarship contest.
  3. PJ movie marathon day with Peanut.
  4. Go to the Magnolia Silos. – Had this one planned & had to cancel! So sad. I’ll get there though! 
  5. Go to an art exhibit.
  6. Keep a happiness journal (again). – Planned – Going to start on February 1
  7. Watch a sunrise. – DONE – Galveston trip September 16th
  8. Participate in a styled shoot.
  9. Fly a kite with Peanut. DONE – Galveston trip September 15th
  10. Spend more quiet time with Jesus. – In Progress – not doing this as much as I’d like, but we’re getting there! 
  11. Go on a sports-day date with Max.
  12. Be published on a portrait or wedding blog.
  13. Read at least 5 books just for fun. – In Progress – I’ve finished Gone Girl, Present Over Perfect, All the Light We Cannot See, & currently reading The Girl on the Train
  14. Go on some sort of trip with Max.


So since I obviously need a little help getting going on some of these, where would you suggest we go for number 14??? Anywhere in good driving distance from Houston? What should my next book be for #13??