Movie Challenge – May 2016

As we move into my crazy season at work, I’ll be happy to get one movie a month, so getting two in May wasn’t too bad (especially considering I was out of town 3 out of the 4 weekends last month – crazy!!)! AND they were both good, so we’re calling it a win!

His Pick: 



I actually really liked this movie. I have to be honest and admit that about 2 minutes in I had Max pause it so he could get me caught up on the back story (sorry to any Rocky fans out there). I’ve seen most of Rocky, but not all at one time, so I needed a little help. I thought it was a little slow in a few points, but overall I liked it! I was even able to stop thinking of Michael B. Jordan’s character from Parenthood by the end – kind of.


My Pick: 

The Intern


This was such a cute movie! Not necessarily cinematic genius, but I did really like it. DeNiro was great, of course, and Anne Hathaway did such a great job at achieving her character’s slightly irritating but likable personality. Definitely a feel-good film, and one I would watch again.

Movie Challenge – March 2016

His Pick: 

Jurassic World


I can’t say that I was a huge fan of this one, but it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. Mostly because of Chris Pratt. Obviously this one was pretty far fetched (as are all of the films in the series), but it was decent entertainment. Max liked it more than I did, which I guess is good since it was his pick!


My Pick: 

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


I absolutely hate that we didn’t see this one in the theaters! I guess having a toddler & a one-month-old made it tougher to get to the theater than I was hoping. But we did finally get to watch Max’s aunt Eugenie as Tigris and it was so exciting to see her all done up!! Not my favorite movie in the series, but it wasn’t exactly my favorite book of the series either. That being said, I did like the movie and I’m glad we watched it!

Movie Challenge – February 2016

His Pick:




This honestly wasn’t one of my favorites, but we were split on this one because Max like it. There were a few funny parts, but overall it really wasn’t my thing. (Maybe I should have let Max write the review on this one.. haha.)


My Pick:

The Water Diviner



This one we both liked. There were some parts that were really hard to watch, but it was worth it. Not quite up to Gladiator status as far as Russell Crowe films go, but I did enjoy it. I appreciate the way it speaks to the power of a parent’s love, and how no distance is too far to go for your children. The ending felt a little abrupt for me, but it’s still worth the watch.