Daily Devotional – Simply Sacred

Max and I have been doing a daily devotional together since the start of the year. We try to do it each day that we are together (neither of us traveling), but to be honest, we’ve missed a few days when we have company or when one of us falls asleep 30 min after dinner… So we aren’t as far as long as we could be, but I like that we don’t have any pressure to remember to bring it with us while traveling together or read/discuss it over the phone when we’re apart. We allow it to be an enjoyable and peaceful thing, rather than letting it start to feel like an obligation.

The book we’ve been using is Simply Sacred by Gary Thomas, and I have really enjoyed it so far. It is a compilation of daily devotionals from a number of his other books such as Sacred Marriage, Sacred Pathways and Authentic Faith.

devotional1_WEBWe trade off reading the day’s message aloud, and then we just simply discuss our thoughts regarding that particular topic. It isn’t intense or in-depth, but it really is just a great simply way for us to keep our faith at the forefront of our lives and our family. I am so blessed to have a husband who strongly desires (and works) for our family to love, trust and glorify God.

If anyone is looking for a small way to work on their daily connection with God, I recommend trying a daily devotional like this one. Whether you do it on your own, with a significant other or friend, or as a family, it can really become a useful as well as enjoyable practice!

I want to share one of my favorite quotes from the book so far:

“I will give you enough grace to meet each day’s need.”

Such a comforting thought!¬†Whether you need the grace to accept the blessings of life with a grateful heart or the grace to bear the burdens of life with resolve and hope, it speaks to God’s ability to give us just what we need in each moment.


Good reads – help a girl out!

Lately I feel like I rarely have enough time to take three deep breaths in a row, much less sit down to read a magazine or book. And yet, I’ve been craving a really good read. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to really dive into a book and not want to put it down, and the last few I’ve started reading just haven’t really grabbed me. I’m needing one of THOSE books. You know the kind I’m talking about, right?

The kind of book that makes it totally OK to be bleary-eyed and coffee-dependent in the morning because it was SO worth it to read just a few more chapters before going to sleep.

The kind of book that makes you struggle with the urge to hurry and read the end because the story line has you hanging on every word, and at the same time you never want to reach the end because that means it’s over.

The kind of book that makes you wish red lights were longer so that you could squeeze in one more page on the way to work.

The kind of book that makes you feel like you’ve known the characters your whole life.

The kind of book that has you laughing out loud one minute, and fighting back tears the next.

The kind of book that stays with you for a lifetime.

So, help a girl out! Let me know in the comments what THOSE books have been for you!  (You never know, you could see a future blog post gushing about the book you recommended!)


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