Web Gems – Round 7

Web Gems


Time for Round 7!!! Lots of things to move you & inspire you today… and one that just really made me laugh.


  • These images… the love and strength they perfectly captured… I just can’t get over them. Such a beautiful reminder that beauty is in the love you have, the laughter you share, and the light in your eyes. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Andrea Jacobson did a stellar job with these photographs.

SMP Courageous Bride



  • This is just too beautiful! The work, and the way that this mama is bringing her daughter’s work come to life at a time where so many would just dismiss that work as scribbles. I truly hope I can be that uplifting and empowering to others – especially Peanut!



  • So…. wow. These 22 things were most definitely a blast from the past… minus #18. Never never never did that one. Ever.
  • Y’all. This had me in tears. What an amazing little girl. And Miranda Lambert? Love her even more now.

Today Show Miranda Lambert Brooke Hester


  • And one more powerful video to round out today…. This is such a great idea!


Let’s Start A Revolution!

“Ugh…. I haaaaaate this picture of me!”

“O my gosh I look awful!”

“I’m soooo not photogenic!”


We’ve all heard it (or something along those lines). I’d be willing to bet we’ve all said it at some point or another. If it’s not 100% perfect, or completely airbrushed, we say it’s not good. We verbally beat ourselves down by beating down the image. It has become an epidemic…. And I’m tired of it. Y’all, we need to quit beating ourselves up! We need to quit fixating on the flaws. We need to quit tossing out decent or good photos because of the tiny things that we dislike.

Sure, let’s be real honest here. Not every photo you take is going to be the most flattering. Not every day is going to be your best hair day. Some clothing or make-up choices may need to simply be let go into the fog of memory rather than immortalized in an image. A bad photo is a bad photo, and that’s ok.

But that doesn’t mean we need to focus solely on the negative in what really are decent (or even good) photos. Just like anything else in life… We can always choose what we focus on. We can choose to see the positive. The pretty. The handsome. We can choose to not give the blemish, the tummy bulge or the gray hairs the power to pull us in. Let’s not let the decent photos be deemed bad because we can’t see past the few things we don’t like. For example:


This is a fairly good photo, but I admit I instantly focused on the fine lines around my eyes and the bags underneath them. Then I took a second to realize that I love the way my hair looked that day. I’ve got a genuine smile, and how can any photo be bad with that sweet baby girl in it?!?!



Again, not terrible, but all I could see at first is my ear sticking out of my hair like I’m some sort of elf. Also not a fan of my very sad lack of a tan… I need some sunshine in my life! But I’ve decided to focus on how my cheekbones look good and my earrings look cute.

Like I said.. I’m as guilty as the next person of having photos of myself that I (irrationally) don’t like. Photos where all I can see right off the bat are the things I think aren’t flattering. I’m still guilty because I know I’ve got worse photos of myself that I could have chosen for today’s post. But I’m making the decision that when I have that initial negative reaction like those at the beginning of this post, I’m going to try my best to flip it on it’s head. I’m going to find at least one thing in the photo I do like. I’m not talking about great light, or a great background, or perfect exposure or any other photographic skills. I’m talking about me. I’m going to find something about me that I like in the photo.


I’m not going to do this occasionally, or only when I have to do it publicly.

I’m challenging myself to do it every time. With every photo.

And I’m challenging you to do the same. 

The next time you take a photo, if it’s one you’d toss or you start to focus on the negative, I challenge you to put it out there and say what you decided to focus on liking instead. Let’s start a revolution of photo love. Starting loving your photos, and it will keep you loving yourself.


Use the #PhotoLoveRevolution hashtag on Instagram and Twitter so I can see the beauty you’re finding in yourself, and challenge your friends and family to do the same. Let’s work together to stop feeling like the only good photo is a “perfect” photo. Who knows, we really could start a revolution…



Share this with friends and family, especially the women in your life, and encourage them to join in the #PhotoLoveRevolution!! 


Web Gems – Round 3

Web Gems

It’s round 3 of Web Gems, y’all! Time for a few little snippets of what I’m loving out there on the internet these days….

  • This is so in line with the way I think about photoshopping and being proud of the way you look and the time and experiences that lead to those fine lines. Kate is stunning and I love that she stands in the face of the perfect Hollywood pressure to be a shining example to women everywhere that you are beautiful, no matter what your age or wrinkle count!! 

Kate Winslet

 Image by Getty Images

  • I am so guilty of falling into the trap of feeling like I need to get the house clean before “relaxing” with Peanut or my husband – but I really do try to remind myself to let the mess wait and cherish the little moments with them while I can. I absolutely love her perspective about not only embracing those moments with family (amidst the mess), but specifically and pointedly inviting God to be there as well. So well written, and such a good reminder! (And for real, how cute is her daughter?!?!)


  • Holy tailgating, Batman! I seriously want one of these! (Or want friends with one of these.) This idea is totally brilliant and they executed it to perfection. Add in the fact that they are Red Raiders and started this whole she-bang with a red and black, Double T covered beauty? Even better. Is it time for college football yet?!?!



Image via boxLIFE

  • LOVE this. My husband can attest to the fact that there are certain words/phrases that I cannot stand. We should all be cognizant of the words we use – and how we use them. Take a minute to think about the phrases that have become everyday vocabulary, and think about what those phrases actually imply. Make the choice today to try to eliminate one phrase/word in the effort to be more open an accepting of others. 

I Don't Say


Image via Upworthy.com

  • This is pretty much me in a list of 26 things. And my best friend alerted me to this list. So clearly, #17 is true. 

In Love with Pizza


Columbia Pictures / Via buzzfeed.com