You’re Not Alone

In this big crazy world, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your own life and forget that there are others who have felt your same pains, battled your same fears, and won your same battles. There are others who have similar stories – stories that allow them to speak into your heart and you into theirs.

This post is one of those stories for me – I’m not a stay at home mom, but I’ve felt these feelings. And it’s nice knowing I’m not alone. Thankful for people like Sasha over at Mom Life Now for sharing the tougher parts of life, but also sharing the silver lining and encouragement that come along with it.


If you’re a momma – take a few minutes and read Sasha’s post – hopefully it will speak to your heart like it did to mine!


Guest Hosting Hump Day Happenings #32

Such a fun opportunity today!!! I’m waaay thankful to Jenna and Megan for reaching out to me to see if I’d be interested in guest hosting this week’s Hump Day Happenings! This link up is a lot of fun, and it’s always interesting to me to find new voices each week as I look through the posts.


Readers’ Choice

HDH 31 Homemade Hot Chocolate

This week’s Reader’s Choice was Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix by Life with Garnish. With the cooler temperatures that have FINALLY hit East Texas, this is definitely on my must try list, and hopefully I’ll get to try it out sooner rather than later!


Featured Posts

Megan chose…

HDH 31 Blog Retreat

Taking a Blog Retreat from Twin Stripe. Megan said “Developing a plan to grow your blog can be overwhelming, but Katie did a great job breaking down the steps and linking to fabulous resources.” I couldn’t agree more! Love the idea of making time to really sit down and focus.


Jenna chose…


Transitioning your Summer Clothes into all 4 Seasons from No Small Life. She said “I love how Megan took this adorable dress and showed us how to accessorize it for Fall. It gave me some great ideas for ways to transition my summer dresses to Fall!” Gotta love tips on how to maximize your existing closet!!


And I chose…


Motherhood by Set Free.  This post totally hit me right in the heart!! As a mama to Peanut, (a sweet and funny 14 month old girl) I’ve hit so many rough moments, and soooo many moments where my heart is so full that I am afraid it is literally going to burst into a million Peanut-filled pieces. It’s hard on the days when you feel like you just can’t get anything right, but I think Amy said it incredibly well when she said: ‘But all is grace. And in my worst moments as a mom, His grace is abundant.  And that Grace is what carries me through the happiest and crappiest of days.’


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The One Lovely Blog Award

It was a great start to the week yesterday when I was nominated by Tidy Your Temple for the One Lovely Blog Award! Such a pleasant surprise, THANK YOU!! I can’t wait to follow along as you experience the joys (and rough patches) of pregnancy. Congrats!!


So as far as the award goes, here’s how it works:

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.   Done. 
  2. You must list the rules and display the award.   Yep. 
  3. You must add seven facts about yourself.  See below.
  4. You must nominate other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated. This award has no restrictions as to who you can nominate.  Again, see below. 
  5. You must follow the blogger who nominated you.  Done and DONE!


Facts about me: 

  1. I am nothing without my family. Husband, baby girl, immediate family, extended family. They mean sooooo much to me!
  2. I have spent almost a decade working in Orientation, and I still love it.
  3. My favorite time of year is fall – weather cools off, and college football returns. (Still waiting on the cooler weather but I’m ooooooooo so happy about football!)
  4. I am trying my best to find the balance between pushing myself to achieve goals and keep growing, while at the same time not trying to do it all. If you’ve got tips on that one – hit me up.
  5. I could eat enchiladas pretty much everyday.
  6. I really miss swimming competitively and playing volleyball. Those sports were a huge part of my life as I was growing up.
  7. I have anxiety when it comes to making big purchases for my photography. No matter how much I justify it in my head by looking at all the work I’ve done, I still get a little panicky. Chalk that one up to my bargain shopper genes, I guess.


  1. The Walker Fireside Chats – Megan is such a great storyteller! She does a great job of mixing in snippets of her life, how-to’s, and inspiration. Good stuff!
  2. Amanda Hedgepeth Photography – I just LOVE Amanda’s work, but I think I appreciate her open, honest style even more. Her New Mom Serious is amazing… I can totally relate to a lot of it!
  3. Moms Without Answers – Title of this blog just says it all. Refreshingly honest!

To those I have nominated, please don’t feel any pressure to play along… just thought you should know I truly enjoy following your blogs!