Confidently Approach

Hebrews 4:15-16 on watercolor background

God is approachable & He understands our struggles with human weakness because he sent Jesus to serve in human form. He became one of us to be able to fully understand and serve us. How powerful is that?!

We don’t have to shy away from our reliance on the gift of His grace – it’s actually what He wants of us. In our work lives. In our relationships. In our spiritual lives. He wants us to rely on Him and take Him up on His offer to help us navigate our worldly issues. It brings us to Him each time we acknowledge our weakness and lean on Him.

So with whatever struggles you have today, just remember…

Approach the throne. Receive grace. Receive mercy. Receive help.

He Provides

I am always so thankful when God sends reminders my way that in the midst of all of the chaos, He has never left, and He is sending me just what I need for each and every day. When plans go awry, when the answer seems to just be silence, when I get caught up in my own wishes and desires.


It may be a gorgeous sunrise that takes my mind off of the lack of sleep that’s left me dragging.

It may be a request from Peanut for “fishy kisses” in the middle of a day where I feel totally inadequate as a parent.

It may be a simple text or a conversation with a friend that makes me feel less alone in the struggle and reminds me to continue to focus on Him and His will.

Nacogdoches photographer Bible verse 2 Corinthians 12:9 with image of clouds

I had one of those moments yesterday, and as always, it was in His perfect timing.


In all seasons, we need to remember that He will give us the grace we need to weather the storm or praise the victories. And even if His answer is “no” or “wait” or simply silence, there is always an answer. And a beautiful reason for it. He will provide. It’s our job to trust and to try our best to open our hearts. It’s not always easy to just sit in the circumstances that are causing us to rely solely on His grace, but it is worth it to strengthen your reliance on Him and allow His plan to take shape.


According to His purpose


When there is the struggle of trying to find your purpose in life, or trying to make sure the decisions you are making are truly those that He intends, it helps to remember that while it may seem you are making the decision on your own (or as a family) that He has already created a plan for you. That as you choose the direction you will take, as long as you head out on that road with your heart aimed toward Him and His purpose, you will be just fine.

You will learn from the hard times, and grow through them. You will celebrate the good times, and grow through them.

My grandfather’s favorite verse, the one I fought through tears to read at his funeral, points at this thought. Continue to strive toward His purpose, and you will be just fine. He will be filling your life with the good He intends for you – whether good lessons or good moments.


I hope we can all help to encourage one another to continue to be called according to His purpose!