My 2017 Word of the Year

It’s a new year. I could go through the whole “how did that happen already?!?” thing, but I think we all pretty much feel like time is flying, so I think that’s covered.

Once again this year, I’ve picked one word to try to guide me through daily moments, business decisions & growth. It’s always so hard for me to narrow it down to just one word because I feel like there are so many areas in which I can push to grow more.

After lots of thinking & reflecting, I’ve chosen “abundance” as my word for this year.


I’ve heard lots of podcasts & read lots of posts on the abundance mindset before but never really took the time to think about it more deeply. When I took a minute to think about what an abundant mindset really means for me in business & in life, I realized that this might just be the perfect word for this year.

So heading into 2017 I am going to challenge myself to stop thinking in terms of scarcity. There are lots of Houston & Kingwood photographers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough clients for all of us to serve. I will focus on¬†finding MY ideal clients who I can impact & bless the best & bring those clients into the family. The clients I don’t get? They’re better served by another photographer & that’s a blessing to all of us.

In my personal life, I’ve already seen what thinking of abundance can do for me. Living with a 3 and a half year old and a 14 month old is tough. When they’re fussy or stubborn it can be downright exhausting. But in the moments when the fits are happening (usually for pretty much no reason) & I want to snap, I’ve thought about the fact that there is an abundance of patience. I’m not limited in that area other than the limits I put on myself. So taking a breath & consciously thinking about bringing in more of that abundant patience has seemed to help tremendously!


So here’s to 2017, and to recognizing & appreciating the abundance all around us!

If you’ve picked a word of the year, I’d love to hear what it is & why you chose it in the comments!!¬†


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