Remembering the Beginning

Right after moving down to Kingwood, I got an email from Peanut’s school searching for a volunteer to step up to be the head volleyball coach for the middle school girls. Now, I played volleyball for a long time, and I loved it. But coaching? Never.

Before I could really think about it too much, I figured I’d go ahead and go for it since I have more time than I ever have before (and may have again). And the thought of those girls not getting to play just hurt my heart.

And you know what I’ve loved about it? While I am trying to figure out how to coach rather than play, it’s been so good to try to remember the beginning.

When you’ve done something for years and years, it’s easy to forget the struggle at the start.

It’s easy to forget how it’s hard to make your body do what you know it should do. It’s easy to forget that the movements aren’t really instinctive, they must be learned. It’s easy to forget that it takes a lot of effort to remember the rules.

And in the middle of all this, a photographer I look up to immensely (as do THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of other photographers) took a few seconds to leave a positive comment on an Instagram photo of mine.

Houston wedding photographer black and white close up image of groom's hands around brides waist

And that right there, paired with my hours in the gym at volleyball practice, made me appreciate just how important it is to remember the beginning. But even more important than remembering is taking the time to reach back and help those who are in the thick of the start. To encourage them and pour into them – even if it’s in as few as two words.

And then maybe, someday down the line when they’ve grown out of their beginning, just maybe they’ll take the time to reach back too.


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Newborn Portraits – Pumpkin

We got newborn portraits of Pumpkin done by the same photographer who took our maternity photos, and I can’t wait to see those & share some of them with y’all! But you know this photographer mama had to take some photos of my sweet girl too!!!

Of course, as a photographer’s daughter, this little Pumpkin didn’t really want to cooperate and stay sleepy for either newborn shoot (hopefully that lack of cooperation isn’t a trend that continues as she gets older!). That being said, I got a few sweet sleeping pictures, and honestly, I really love some of the wide-eyed shots I got during our little at-home session too.

Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughterNacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter

I love this next one!!

Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter

Aaaand our sleep window was pretty much gone at that point… but like I said, I don’t mind all that much!

Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter

This next one is definitely a favorite for sure!!!

Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter

At this point Pumpkin’s patience for photos and my light were fading pretty quickly, but you know I had to try to get at least one or two shots of our newest little Red Raider/Saints fan! There’s something so sweet about having photos of both of my girls in these clothes…

Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter in Texas Tech and New Orleans Saints gear

If you follow me on Instagram (@bmariephoto), you’ve probably already seen proof of what a sweet guard dog Dixie is for Pumpkin, and the day of our little photo shoot was no different! She didn’t leave the kitchen where everything was set up, and for most of the time she was just barely outside of the frame watching her baby and making sure she was ok – so so so sweet! You’ve gotta love that sweet family-focused nature of Boxers! I also love this photo because I have a shot of my mom helping me with Peanut’s newborn photos, and since she wasn’t here to help with Pumpkin’s photos, I had another assistant step up to fill in!

Nacogdoches photographer newborn portraits of my daughter

Everyday Life – Round 9

This is what we’ve been up to lately, as seen through my iPhone…
Nacogdoches photographer recap of iPhone photos from everyday life


1. Healthy (and delicious) new recipes   2. Sweet newborn shoot   3. My awesome brother coming into Nacogdoches to help me out

4. Birthday morning surprises for Peanut   5. Gorgeous flowers from an amazing coworker   6. The sweetest view when I get home from work

7. SO SO happy that college football (and Gameday) are back!   8. Sweet girl has moved into a big girl bed   9. My fun new student staff

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