Web Gems – Round 4

Web Gems

It’s round 4, y’all!!! And this one is GOOOOOOOOD!

  • First and foremost, I just have to say I am so incredibley proud of my husband, and so proud of the fact that there is now an award named after him! The new SFA football coach remembered him and his talent from competing against him while Max played for SFA. He created the award to recognize the new players who are making a strong impact on the team throughout spring season. It was really neat for him to get to go present the award to the recipients, and I hope he is able to continue to do that into the future. I know it meant a lot to Max, and I hope those guys know what an honor it is to carry his name in some way – I know I do!

Max FootballVia

  • My husband alerted me to this one… Kinda fun! You answer some questions based on how you say things, and it tells you what part of the country your vocabulary reflects. My results? Forth Worth, Irving and Arlington. Clearly I’m allllllll Texas, y’all. Some of the answer responses were things I’ve never even heard! Click the link to see my oh-so-Texan map, then click the button on the top right to get your own results! 


  • There are so many things on this list that I should do (or not do)! Love love loved this: “God isn’t going to run out of grace for you, and you don’t have to run out of grace for yourself.”


  • This is the craziest date I’ve ever heard of! Sad that part of my thoughts when reading this were of saftey and concerns of traveling with a relative stranger, but I guess that’s just the world we live in. Love the quirky photos too. Part of me is a bit jealous that I don’t have that adventurous spirit… but then again, maybe I do and just haven’t tried it out yet?

OKCupid DatePhoto by Clara Bensen

  • And last but certainly not least…. There was a very exciting announcement recently involving my husband’s aunt!! She will be playing the role of Tigris in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!!!! Amazing, right? I’ve seen a clip or two of her previous work, but I really can’t wait to see her on the big screen! On top of that, I can’t wait to see how they do her makeup for that role… going to be so so so good. If you’ve got a second click on over and like her photo on the page – she definitely deserves it! 




Web Gems – Round 3

Web Gems

It’s round 3 of Web Gems, y’all! Time for a few little snippets of what I’m loving out there on the internet these days….

  • This is so in line with the way I think about photoshopping and being proud of the way you look and the time and experiences that lead to those fine lines. Kate is stunning and I love that she stands in the face of the perfect Hollywood pressure to be a shining example to women everywhere that you are beautiful, no matter what your age or wrinkle count!! 

Kate Winslet

 Image by Getty Images

  • I am so guilty of falling into the trap of feeling like I need to get the house clean before “relaxing” with Peanut or my husband – but I really do try to remind myself to let the mess wait and cherish the little moments with them while I can. I absolutely love her perspective about not only embracing those moments with family (amidst the mess), but specifically and pointedly inviting God to be there as well. So well written, and such a good reminder! (And for real, how cute is her daughter?!?!)


  • Holy tailgating, Batman! I seriously want one of these! (Or want friends with one of these.) This idea is totally brilliant and they executed it to perfection. Add in the fact that they are Red Raiders and started this whole she-bang with a red and black, Double T covered beauty? Even better. Is it time for college football yet?!?!



Image via boxLIFE

  • LOVE this. My husband can attest to the fact that there are certain words/phrases that I cannot stand. We should all be cognizant of the words we use – and how we use them. Take a minute to think about the phrases that have become everyday vocabulary, and think about what those phrases actually imply. Make the choice today to try to eliminate one phrase/word in the effort to be more open an accepting of others. 

I Don't Say


Image via Upworthy.com

  • This is pretty much me in a list of 26 things. And my best friend alerted me to this list. So clearly, #17 is true. 

In Love with Pizza


Columbia Pictures / Via buzzfeed.com

Web Gems – Round 2

Web Gems


Ok people, it’s time for round two! Here’s some of the goodness the internet has had in store lately…

  • Some inspiration for keeping your workspace neat and tidy. I am determined that my home office will look like that one day. Plus I love that they have a “happy accessories” category!




  • This post about what little girls wish their daddies knew… seriously. Love this – so true! And it just makes me think of how blessed Peanut and I are to have such a wonderful example for her of what a man should be, and how she deserves to be cherished.


  • An adorable 4 year old + Project Runway + photography + award show dresses = Amazing paper dresses and the hope that I can cultivate Peanut’s dreams and aspirations the way this momma does for Mayhem!



  • This is always a classic. Working in student affairs is great and I really do enjoy it – but some of these hit the nail right on the head.


  • Never a bad thing to be able to save money… here’s 94 ways to do it!