Tuesday Top 3 – Christmas Movies

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It’s time for another Tuesday Top 3, and this one’s a llllllllllll about Christmas movies! There are a few movies that really make it feel like the holiday season, and it just doesn’t quite feel right without watching them each year. There were a lot of films that could have made the list, but here’s the few that made the cut:


1. It’s a Wonderful Life – Above all other movies, this is the one I HAVE to watch each year. It’s tradition to have this playing as cookies are baking in the oven or the tree is being decked out in ornaments and lights. I love this movie because of how it puts such a focus on the impact we can have on other people. We can feel as though we’ve accomplished nothing or gone nowhere, but in reality we’ve done more than we can ever imagine. My family can quote pretty much the whole movie, and at times, my brother and I do just that. And really, if there were more George Baileys in this world, we’d all be a lot better off… So if you haven’t seen this one, drop everything right now and go watch it!

Nacogdoches photographer lists Tuesday Top 3  best holiday movies - It's A Wonderful Life



2. White Christmas – This is a more recent addition to the “must watch” list. One of my best friends and former roommate introduced me to this, as it was one of her family’s traditional Christmas movies. Of course I’d heard the song, but seeing the movie was even better!! Such a charming movie, and another feel-good story of people taking care of one another. Plus, who wouldn’t want to listen to Bing Crosby sing??

Nacogdoches photographer lists Tuesday Top 3  best holiday movies - White Christmas



3. This one was a tie between two great Christmas comedies: Elf – This may not be a “traditional” classic holiday movie, but I’d say it’s a must-watch!!! So many great quotes, and it’s just darn funny. And the duet with Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrel?? I love it, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!!

Nacogdoches photographer lists Tuesday Top 3 best holiday movies - Elf

And National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – This would be another one that gets quoted A LOT in our family. I find myself pretty much belly laughing in almost every scene, and I’ve even got a wine topper that looks like the moose cups! I can relate to poor Clark just wanting everything to be perfect, and having things not quite turn out that way… but I’d never try putting up that many christmas lights. I don’t have the patience for that!

Nacogdoches photographer lists Tuesday Top 3 best holiday movies - Christmas Vacation


Of course there are a lot more Christmas movies that tend to get watched each year, but these are my go-to’s.

What movies didn’t make the list that you think I should have included?



Tuesday Top 3 – Favorite Things about Fall

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Tuesday Top 3 Series post… so it’s about time to get back on it!! (You can find the other series posts here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)  This installment is an ode to the fall season… which I have to admit we didn’t really get much of this year here in East Texas. We hung in there in the 80’s for waaaaay too long, had a few days of nice fall weather, and then jumped into the 40’s. (I know, I know… the 40’s isn’t exactly terrible winter weather, but hey, this is Texas!).

There are definitely some wonderful things about the the fall that I love:

1. Football season. I looooooove football, especially college football. Getting to wake up on Saturday mornings to ESPN College Gameday and a cup of coffee is just about perfect. There’s nothing quite like the sound of football in the background as we spend time as a family. It’s been fun this year to see Peanut at the SFA games this year as well. Now if only my Red Raiders could get it together… Still a fan, and always will be, but I’m ready to get some more tally marks in the W column!



2. Girls Weekend. This is one of my favorite weekends in the fall! I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing family – immediate and extended. We enjoy spending time with one another, and it has always been a priority to do so – such a great example that I hope to be able to set for Peanut too! Years ago, when I was still an undergrad, my aunts and grandmother started making trips from San Diego out to Texas in the fall for a weekend of food, wine and shopping. I am so thankful they let me sneak into their “sister time” and they haven’t been able to get rid of me yet! It’s a weekend full of traditions – from which stores we stop at, to the massages, to my dad serving as professional chef for the weekend. Most importantly, it’s full of laughter and love. It’s full of quality time. It’s full of adult conversations and bonding with my aunts that I normally wouldn’t get in the hustle and bustle of family gatherings in San Diego. For that, I am truly truly grateful.

Nacogdoches photographer - group of female family members in Old Town Spring for Girls Weekend


3. Pumpkin everything. Yes, I am a sucker for the pumpkin trend. I have held off on trying the Pumpkin Spice Latte though because I am afraid I am going to turn into that fanatical person who is in line before Starbucks opens on the first day of serving the PSL. It’s a real possibility, y’all. But pumpkin scones? Check. Pumpkin pie? Check. Pumpkin patch? Check. And as of a few days ago, I know have another pumpkin obsession, thanks to Max. He knows that each time we go to the grocery store, I need to go check out the Blue Bell Ice Cream section to see what flavors I just have to have. I saw Spiced Pumpkin Pecan a while back, and I told Max I didn’t want to try it. He was confused at first, but I explained my theory (just like the PSL). Well, after a solo shopping trip, he returned with a half gallon. So of course I haaaaaaaad to try it. HOLY GOODNESS, Y’ALL. This stuff is legit. So much so that I’ve been having to convince myself that having a bowl of ice cream for breakfast is not an option. (Now I would normally take my own photo of the ice cream, but I can’t hold off eating it long enough, so the photo from Blue Bell will have to do!)

Nacogdoches photographer Tuesday Top 3 Fall favorite Blue Bell Spiced Pumpkin Pecan ice cream

Tuesday Top 3 – Places in our Home

Tuesday Top 3

Today’s Top 3 is dedicated to my most favorite places in our house. It’s not a dream house, and it’s not a forever home, but it’s our current home and it is already so full of memories (and tends to be full of family and friends too). There are a few particular parts of our home that I enjoy the most, so I thought I’d share! (Disclaimer – I’m definitely not an interior designer, but I do really enjoy finding things to make a house a home – especially if I can get bargains in the process!!)

1. Peanut’s room – I had a lot of fun creating a room to welcome Peanut into… It’s full of so many special things that remind me of some very special people: the shelf that used to belong to a dear friend and roommate that my mom and I refurbished, the baby axe handle made by my boss, the painting over her crib that was made by one of my best friends, the recliner that I was rocked in as a baby, books his parents saved from Max’s childhood, and so many other special details. It’s a place we play, and it’s a place I sit in the quiet as she says goodbye to each day. It’s where I get to go in and get sweet little open-mouth kisses over the railing of her crib in the morning. It’s most definitely one of my favorites.


2. Our living room – Just like the name says, this is where so much of our living happens in our home. Max and I watch the large majority of our Movie Challenge movies here, we read our devotional together here, we pile onto the couch with family and friends to watch football here, Peanut is slowly learning to walk here while holding onto the couch, we sit here with a hot cup of early morning coffee on the occasional slow weekend, and we nap here. This is where many an hour was spent – on the oversized couch I have come to love – with a tiny sleeping Peanut resting on my stomach/chest.  I love this hub of our household.. from the blue & while pillows my mom and I made from curtains, to the bin of Peanut’s toys.


3. The dining room – While many who know me would think this choice was made because it involves eating food, that’s not the whole reason. Yes, I definitely enjoy my meal times, but more importantly I love sharing those meals with the people I love. One of the things I love most about Max is that he wants to make it a priority that our family sits down to eat dinner together – no tv, no distractions, just our family. It may sound old-fashioned, and I’m sure we’ll have days where we are running to soccer practice or dance practice, but I think making a point to all connect as a family each evening will prove to be so crucial for us. Love, laughter and a good meal – why wouldn’t it be one of my favorites?? PLUS – we get to look out our big double doors to the flowers blooming in the backyard around the arbor we were married under. Love it.





And for the sake of honesty and not putting our house out there like it’s always nice and clean… Here’s what our living room tends to look like:


Happy Tuesday, y’all!!