Monthly Photo Project – July

I’m kind of sad that this is the last post for the monthly photo challenge I did as a part of my Bucket List for last year. It’s been fun to make myself really focus on getting photos of the girls each month to see how they’ve grown and remember some of the day-to-day moments.

July’s photos were pretty appropriate considering how dang hot it was!! A little bit of pool-time-fun for the win!

Houston photographer images of daughters Peanut & Pumpkin for a monthly photo challenge - July installment in the baby pool

Clearly Pumpkin was enjoying pool time with her sister!

PeanutPumpkinJuly2016-4_WEBHouston photographer images of daughters Peanut & Pumpkin for a monthly photo challenge - July installment in the baby poolPeanutPumpkinJuly2016-6_WEB

Little Pumpkin does this all the time with her hands, and I love that I caught her doing it!


They aren’t exactly playing together just yet, but it’s pretty cute to watch Peanut hand off toys to Pumpkin! I also love watching how serious she is when making her “soup” – love that she has an active imagination! I hope she’s able to hold on to that and develop it into creativity as she grows up.


Y’all, messy, wet hair is such a picture of summertime for me. After all my years spent with summer days full of the pool, it’s so much fun to watch my girls start their own summertime memories – complete with crazy pool hair!


Those eyelashes!!!!


I love this one…


Things that make my mama-heart melt: that smile…


…and those little thighs!!


Peanut & Pumpkin – I love you both to the moon & back!


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Life Lessons from Library Time with Peanut

While I am in Houston with the girls for a few days to take sweet Quinn’s cake smash photos & look at some houses, I stole away with Peanut to story time at the library.

Watching her sit there in the midst of all of the other little kids, getting completely absorbed into the story, I couldn’t help but smile. My biggest girl seems to be a book-lover, and that makes this mama happy. It was also really interesting to watch her sit back and watch as the other kids stood up and danced the hokey-pokey and sang Twinkle, Twinkle.

I was a little surprised that my outgoing girl didn’t jump right in to sing and dance along, as she’s sooooo full of personality. But the more I thought about it, I realized she’s so much like me (despite looking so much like her daddy!).

In a new place or situation, I tend to sit back and watch at first. I’m not normally the first to jump right in or strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know. Sure, when it’s orientation I can turn it “on”, but that’s also zone I’m familiar with.

As I sat there wishing my sweet girl would join in on the fun, it made me think about how I’m going to need to push myself to just jump right in as we move to Houston. I’m going to have to push myself to reach out to other creatives. I’m going to have to push myself to join in on networking events – and push myself to really network & talk to people rather than just hanging out by the food.

So Peanut, here’s to us jumping in hokey-pokey style as we start a new chapter in Houston. And here’s to more mommy-daughter dates to the library!!

Photo Jul 03

(And here’s to more sweet hand-holding photos from Snapchat! Follow along – bmariephoto)


Humble & Kind

I have always been a big fan of music and the way that the right song can seem to meet you at just the right moment and the words seem as if they were written with you in mind.

The songs that lift your heart, the ones that make you cry, the ones that take you back to a specific time or a certain person, and the ones that say what you only wish you could have put into words.

Nacogdoches photographer image with her two girls, Pumpkin & Peanut

Now that I have my girls, there have been a few songs that seem to hit my heart right away. I got teary-eyed I don’t know how many times listening to Kip Moore’s Hey Pretty Girl while I was pregnant with Peanut (thanks in large part to hormones, but it does still move my heart when I hear it now).

There are songs that instantly make me think of my mom, and I then tend to wonder if my girls will have songs that will instantly make them think of me, and if so, what those songs will be.

Lately, I have really loved songs that speak to the many things that I want to teach them. One of those songs is Tim McGraw’s Humble & Kind.


Here are a few of my favorite lyrics from the song as they truly are things that I hope to teach my girls:

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind
When the dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind

Don’t expect a free ride from no one
Don’t hold a grudge or a chip and here’s why
Bitterness keeps you from flyin’
Always stay humble and kind

Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you
When you get where you’re goin
Don’t forget turn back around
And help the next one in line
Always stay humble and kind

So go out there this week and work hard for those dreams you’re dreamin’, and let’s all stay humble & kind.