Everyday Life – Round 8

Here’s a peek into what everyday life has been like over the past few months…

Nacogdoches photographer iphone photo recap of everyday life



1. Spending lots of time with my AMAZING Orientation Leaders!   2. Daddy & his mini-me   3. Road tripping

4. Taking time to soak up gorgeous sunsets   5. Delicious crawfish boils by the master   6. Beach days

7. Pretty little God gifts on the way into work   8. Sewing projects   9. Silly time with my favorite Peanut

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Everyday Life – Round 7

It’s time for another iPhone recap of what’s been filling everyday life lately!!

Nacogdoches photographer iphone photo recap of everyday life


1. Trying to make the most of feeling sickly   2. God’s handiwork is seriously breathtaking!   3. With all the rain, gotta enjoy blue sky

4. Making the most of our roses in our yard   5. Nap time project to surprise Peanut   6. Pickle-sickles at work

7. Pretty and quiet moment before an engagement shoot   8. Pregnancy has apparently made me only want cold coffee   9. My favorites

Everyday Life – Round 6

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Instagram/iPhone photo recap… so here we go!

Nacogdoches photographer's Instagram photo recap of the past two months


1. I’ve been LOVING Amy Poehler’s Yes Please (and making time to read!)   2. Quiet rainy mornings   3. My handsome man getting into photography

4. Date night to see Spamalot at SFA – so good!   5. Coffee & beignet date   6. Peanut loving her shades & hoodie

7. Officially moving into the world of pigtails   8. An amazing birthday celebration   9. Spending time in one of my favorite places on earth