This past weekend I attended a conference for creative entrepreneurs in The Woodlands, Texas. Initially I was excited to have a conference nearby & in a price range I could manage. Then I got excited about the speaker line up. Then I got excited about the people.

Y’all, the information was great. (I ended up selling some LipSense too, which was a bonus.)

But mostly, it was the people. Connecting with people. While I wish I’d been able to connect with even more attendees, (or meet speaker Natalie Franke who founded the Rising Tide Society & moves my heart each time I hear her speak – although maybe that’s a good thing ’cause I probably would have made a fool of myself & cried telling her what an impact her heart & her movement have had), I did get to connect with some incredible people.

Seeing these creative business owners genuinely support one another, and seeing light bulbs go off for so many was such a gift. Getting to help re-set rooms & prep decor took me back to my orientation days too.


I think it’s appropriate that it’s the people that meant the most at Thrive. Because really, with all of our hard work, dedication, sleep deprivation, BIG dreams & roller coaster successes & failures, it’s the people along side us, behind us & ahead of us who help us to truly Thrive.


So to those of you who have supported me, my dream & my business in any way, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means more than you’ll ever know.

And to those who have been hiding your dream from others, share it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many people fill in along side you to help, to pick you up when you need it, & to be the first to cheer your successes. I know I’ll be happy to be right there with you.


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