Family Portraits – Beck Family

Getting to photograph this little family made me so happy, y’all! You can tell they genuinely love each other, and sweet little Kenleigh is just a doll. On top of that, this is another season in the life of this family that I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate. From engagement and bridal photos to now family portraits, it’s this kind of connection & longevity with my clients that brings me so much joy!!! There’s nothing quite like getting to see a family grow together, and to give them images that Kenleigh can look back to one day to see how she’s always been surrounded by love & joy.

This first photos is definitely one of my favorites!! Look at those pretty smiles… Jacob, you’re a lucky man!!


Kenleigh oh-so-sweetly gave us a moment to get some photos of Brittany & Jacob while she kicked back and enjoyed a bottle.

Perfect timing, because I absolutely love making a point during family portrait shoots to get photos of the mom & dad on their own. So important to have that reminder (no matter how brief the moment is during the shoot) that this is where it all started, and their love for each other has expanded and grown as they’ve opened their hearts to love their child.

kingwoodfamilyphotographer_beckfamily-19_webKingwood family photographer - family portrait session with 10 month old baby girlkingwoodfamilyphotographer_beckfamily-16_webkingwoodfamilyphotographer_beckfamily-20_web

So much joy & laughter with these three!


Gah! Is she not just the cutest?!?!


As a mom to two girls, clearly I love mama-daughter photos. But there’s just something about a daddy holding his baby girl that gets me every. single. time. Love it!!


Love these next two!!


Brittany brought a bear that she’d had made with a t-shirt that belonged to her Uncle who passed away (and the shirt has his name on it). She said she got one made for Kenleigh & one for her aunt. Is that not the sweetest gift? The power of family & remembrance are one of the reasons I love photography so much, so I was so honored to get to photograph this memento.


Brittany, Jacob & Kenleigh, thank you so much for starting off your busy Saturday with me, and for letting me once again celebrate the life of your family – both in the big moments and the everyday moments!!!


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