The Yearly Bucket List – Year 3

Nacogdoches photographer's yearly bucket list project

Going into creating this year’s list it has been a little strange since I really have no idea what my year is going to look like. Not sure if I’ll have a full time or part-time job, or if I’ll be going full-time with my photography. Right now I also have no idea where we’ll be living at the end of the year (I sure hope it isn’t still in my parents’ house!), so trying to think of what I can fit in is a little challenging since I don’t know what life will look like, but I’ve decided to think of that as a fun thing, rather than a challenge!

So here’s the list for round 3 of the Yearly Bucket List:

  1. Create some art for our new home.
  2. Run a photo giveaway or scholarship contest.
  3. PJ movie marathon day with Peanut.
  4. Go to the Magnolia Silos.
  5. Go to an art exhibit.
  6. Keep a happiness journal (again).
  7. Watch a sunrise.
  8. Participate in a styled shoot.
  9. Fly a kite with Peanut.
  10. Spend more quiet time with Jesus.
  11. Go on a sports-day date with Max.
  12. Be published on a portrait or wedding blog.
  13. Read at least 5 books just for fun.
  14. Go on some sort of trip with Max.


To see the lists & outcomes from previous years, just click below!

7 thoughts on “The Yearly Bucket List – Year 3

  1. Hiya, Brooke!

    As I read your recent blog post, I felt compelled
    to say this: don’t worry about tomorrow; God will always provide. Just have faith, trust Him and exercise wisdom. This is quite an exciting time, an adventure so to speak, for you and your family. Embrace the present and never choose unhappiness over uncertainty. Now about an item on your “life” list (since bucket list sounds a bit morbid, at least te me, lol), can I recommend The 4-Hour Workweek. Looking forward to reading how your adventure unfolds…

    Kindest regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Binta!! Thank you so much for the wise & encouraging words!! And I like to think of the “bucket” list as in what’s going to “fill my bucket”, rather than what I should do before “kicking the bucket” 🙂 A little less morbid that way. I will definitely look into The 4-Hour Workweek! Thanks for the recommendation. Hope you and your family are doing well!


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