Every Morning

In this crazy, crazy time of uncertainty with our family as we try to sell two properties, buy a house and figure out my next step job-wise, it’s been hard to not stress out about how all the pieces will fit.

I so easily slip into my planner mode, and try to figure it all out. To fix it all. To force the answers.

But in this season, at least so far in the beginning of it, the answer has been “Wait.”

I’m not the best with “Wait.”


Then my sweet mama left a card for Max and I the other day (it also happened to be accompanied by a bottle of wine & some cookies – have I mentioned how much I love that woman??), and it helped me reset my frame of mind. Or at least remember to try to reset my frame of mind.

In addition to the card’s message, and the words added in by my mother was this verse from Lamentations. And y’all, it was just what I needed.

I had been focusing on the long-haul. Even just the next few weeks or months.

But what I needed to do was just focus on His mercies, and focus on the day at hand. To do all that I can, but let go of the pressure I keep placing on myself to find the solution. So I prayed over this verse a lot, and tried to trust in Him and His plan for our family. To let go of the control that I so foolishly think is mine.

Just as I switched my focus to be thankful and to celebrate His mercies that are newly furnished for me each morning, some of the answers changed from “Wait.”

So here’s to mornings.

Here’s to His mercies.

And here’s to embracing “Wait.”

I want to hear from you!

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