Movie Challenge – May 2016

As we move into my crazy season at work, I’ll be happy to get one movie a month, so getting two in May wasn’t too bad (especially considering I was out of town 3 out of the 4 weekends last month – crazy!!)! AND they were both good, so we’re calling it a win!

His Pick: 



I actually really liked this movie. I have to be honest and admit that about 2 minutes in I had Max pause it so he could get me caught up on the back story (sorry to any Rocky fans out there). I’ve seen most of Rocky, but not all at one time, so I needed a little help. I thought it was a little slow in a few points, but overall I liked it! I was even able to stop thinking of Michael B. Jordan’s character from Parenthood by the end – kind of.


My Pick: 

The Intern


This was such a cute movie! Not necessarily cinematic genius, but I did really like it. DeNiro was great, of course, and Anne Hathaway did such a great job at achieving her character’s slightly irritating but likable personality. Definitely a feel-good film, and one I would watch again.

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