Web Gems – Round 14

Nacogdoches Photographer compiles great finds from around the internet

It’s time for a good ol’ gathering of internet gems, y’all!

  • Love love love this. I’m so thankful to have a husband who is more than willing to cook & clean, but I know many women don’t. And having not one, but two jobs while also trying to be there for my family means our house looks like a mess a lot of the time, even with Max’s help. And this reminds me that I really need to work on my word of the year, give myself some grace and be ok with the mess sometimes if it means tickle fights with Peanut, baby talk with Pumpkin, or a movie night with Max.


  • This is so powerful, and so true. I love her humor and honesty (if you’re a mama who likes some sarcasm and blunt honesty about parenting, read this), but this post is so incredibly real: “There is never any weakness in showing mercy and grace because those characteristics are the very heartbeat of God. Let’s live in a way that teaches our children the importance of loving our neighbor and that peers aren’t our competition. We can cheer each other on without being afraid it takes something from us when we realize that God has each of us exactly where we’re meant to be. The comparison trap is an endless vortex of nothingness that only serves to make us feel insecure and discontent because we are measuring our insides against someone else’s outside.”


  • This is absolutely hilarious. I can only imagine what moves Peanut would be putting out there! Also, I would take that class. 


  • This is incredibly cool! Takes love of photography to a whole new level, and I love how they stay true to the area while building the camera.


  • I can’t tell y’all how much I needed this! It was a great reminder to continue to focus on my word of the year, grace, and to give myself the permission to not do it all. Or maybe to demand that of myself. Because being stretched too thin isn’t pretty, and it’s worse when that streching was one I chose on my own.

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