Movie Challenge -April 2016

We only got to two movies last month, but we also ended up having two “Our Pick” choices, which is kinda fun. We also got to watch the second one with a room full of family, so that makes it even better!

Our Pick (#1):

Bridge of Spies


I am definitely a Tom Hanks fan, and this role of his did not disappoint! While I think that this one got a tad slow in a place or two, overall I really enjoyed this movie. We both thought he was such an interesting character, and Max is really excited to read the upcoming book about him. I’d definitely recommend this one!


Our Pick (#2): 

Good Morning, Vietnam


This is the one we watched with my family after Emily’s baby shower (which was great!), and it was so much fun to get to be surrounded by some of my favorite people and share laughter. We all remarked about how sad it is that we no longer have Robin Williams & his immense talent. He was incredible! So sad that someone who brought so much joy to so many couldn’t find peace. This is obviously not a recent film, but definitely a good one worth watching!

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