Happiness Journal – March 11-31

Like I mentioned previously, I did a Happiness Journal again as a part of my second Yearly Bucket List. I love how this practice really reminds me to seek out and recognize the little things that bring me joy each day. I’ve recapped the first part of the month here – and now it’s time for the rest of the list.

  • 11th – Surprise stop for donut holes with Peanut on our way to school in the morning & a trip to the arboretum with the family after work

Nacogdoches photographer image with her two girls, Pumpkin & Peanut

  • 12th – Building a fort with Peanut
  • 13th – Going to church as a family & Peanut throwing pennies into the fountain afterward
  • 14th – Gorgeous weather during my morning photoshoot
  • 15th – Hanging out on the patio in the pretty weather at mom & dad’s watching Peanut give Pops his birthday present
  • 16th – celebrating our 3rd anniversary at Kings Harbor
  • 17th – going to the rodeo with the family & seeing Peanut’s ear-to-ear grin as she rode a pony (named Pumpkin!) (Thanks, Max, for the adorable photo!)


  • 18th – Holding Peanut’s hand the whole 25-30 min ride home from the rehearsal dinner
  • 19th- Corey & Crystal’s wedding
  • 20th – Getting to take CJ & Emily’s maternity photos
  • 21st – Reading a good book – The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
  • 22nd – Taking a walk as a family after work in the pretty weather
  • 23rd – Getting the most adorable letters in the mail at work from elementary school students in Indiana & Nebraska researching SFA
  • 24th – Taking time to just relax & hang out with Max
  • 25th- Family morning dance party in the kitchen
  • 26th – Hanging out with Tiffany & Chris & watching their kids play with Peanut & Pumpkin
  • 27th -Picking wildflowers with Peanut & enjoying my Route 44 Sonic Diet Coke after giving up soda for lent


  • 28th – A quick run through the SFA Arboretum & enjoying the weather
  • 29th – Movie night with Max
  • 30th – Finding out the OS team work the Outstanding Educational Session award from the NODA conference evaluations
  • 31st – Peanut snuggling in & laying her head in my lap as I sat on the end of her bed when she woke up & then giving me a huge hug saying “I love you, Mom” when I went to get her off of the counter after doing her hair


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