Web Gems -Round 13

Nacogdoches Photographer compiles great finds from around the internet

Here’s another installment of things out there on the internet that have brought a smile to my face (and maybe a tear to my eye)!

  • Coming out of the holiday season, it’s easy to see people getting caught up in the material things… So this is just awesome to watch strangers be able to bring such joy to one another!


  • O my goodness.. this brought tears to my eyes, y’all. We’re a Pampers family but dang did Huggies get it right with this! Such an incredible gift for this mother, and an incredible reminder to appreciate all of the things we take for granted each and every day.


  • This is really incredible in so many ways. I think that lately photographers tend to be seen as people who just take a picture, but in reality we are so much more. A good photographer should try to find out more about who you are, and then use their own unique vision and capabilities to bring that understanding to life and produce a portrait that speaks to who you are as a person, a couple, a family. This is what I try to do with each and every wedding or session I shoot! Use my style of photography to really highlight the essence of YOU.


  • These are such great reminders to keep perspective! I just love #7, #9 & #18. Especially #18.


  • Love this show. And these characters. And this just cracks me up. 

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