Dear Pumpkin – 1 Month

Sweet girl,

I am a little behind in posting this letter to you, and let me tell you… time is just flying by already!

You have continued to be a good sleeper (for the most part), and your daddy and I are so thankful for that!! Maybe it’s because when you’re awake your arms and legs are just constantly moving. You have us thinking you may be the athlete of the family (or at least be as busy as your big sister is all the time).

You don’t have a whole lot of patience for getting your photo taken – something we can hopefully work on improving as you get older! You’re already challenging me to the best I can be – as a mama to you and your sister, and as a photographer. While I hope that you grow to like me taking pictures of you (because let’s just be honest – it isn’t going to stop any time soon), I also appreciate how even at a month old you’re pushing me to be a better version of myself.

Nacogdoches photographer image of daughter, "Pumpkin", at one month oldNacogdoches photographer image of daughter, "Pumpkin", at one month old

You’ve had a busy first month – you already traveled, and you did great! We made the somewhat quick drive down to Houston for Girls Weekend where you fit right in and were the star of the show, and minus a major spit up moment in the drive through of Starbucks on our way out of town, you did a great job in the car. You also had your first Halloween, and you made the most adorable little football! You did great with your first real bath until it was time to wash your hair with the wash cloth, and then you made sure to let me know you weren’t a huge fan of that part.
Nacogdoches photographer image of daughter, "Pumpkin", at one month old

Pumpkin, I wish you could see the way your big sister shows you off to anyone and everyone. She’s always telling people your name and telling them “That’s MY baby sister!” I continually pray that you two are close to one another and always have that kind of pride to claim your sister proudly.

Nacogdoches photographer image of daughter, "Pumpkin", at one month old

Little One, I wish I could just memorize every inch of your little body so I can’t forget how you were just one month into your life – your itty bitty fingernails on those long fingers and toes, your heart-melting dimples, the little dark blue spot on the inside of your steel blue left eye, the wrinkles and creases on your palms, your pouty little lips and your silky soft dark brown hair that’s starting to thin just a little.

Nacogdoches photographer image of daughter, "Pumpkin", at one month old

I love you sweet girl, and I can’t wait to see what month two brings! As always, thank you for giving me the gift of being your mama.

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