Monthly Photo Project – October

So I am just going to admit that I’ve already “failed” in my photo project. Not that I didn’t get photos of my girls in October, but none of them were with the good camera. I could say it’s because Pumpkin arrived later than I expected, or blame it on the sleep-deprivation, but I’ll save the excuses and just own up to it (and do better moving forward).

That being said, I picked one of my favorite shots of my two girls to share for the month of October. Sure, there are the adorable proud big sister shots in the hospital. There are the pictures of Peanut peeking into Pumpkin’s rocker to gaze at her little sister. But this one just moves my heart.

Nacogdoches photographer iPhone photo of two daughters

It’s been a bit of a tough transition at times with Peanut. She’s incredibly sweet with her little sister, but I think it has been a little tough on her that I’m with Pumpkin so much & having to focus on her.  Add in the already “tumultuous two’s”, and it adds up to some rough moments on this mama when it comes to her oldest daughter.

But then there’s this. This moment when Peanut comes to snuggle in with her mama and baby sister. When she’s content to just be near Pumpkin and that’s wholly and completely enough for her.

The fact that I get to be there too, and that her sweet little face is snuggled up on my arm? It’s the best.


In case you missed them, you can find the other month’s photos here:

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