Dear Pumpkin – 1 week

Sweet girl,

You’re just over one week old, and we are all already just so in love with you! When you kept us all waiting (and waiting some more) for you to arrive, I’ll be honest – I was a little nervous that you were going to be the kind of baby to make sure we know who’s boss and would be making us work. But little one, you’ve just been a dream!

When your due date passed, and the days kept passing with no sign of you being in any rush to join us on the outside, we ended up setting up an appointment for me to be induced. But you and God had other plans in mind, and the day before our 4am appointment, you decided to show up. As of 5:09pm that day, we had an 8lb 11oz addition, officially making us a family of four. You honestly made it pretty easy on your mama (thank you!), and you’ve been a great baby all 8 days since then.

I learned with your sister just how quickly these sweet newborn days pass, and I just can’t keep myself from snapping photos of you on my phone throughout the day – I just don’t want to forget any of your sweet tiny details. The way you love to have your hands up by your face (like in your ultrasound photos), your rosy complexion, the feeling of you in the crook of my arm or laying on my chest, your adorable mid-sleep smiles, and those tiny little pouty lips of yours.


Pumpkin, not only have you made me a mama again, you’ve given me the incredible gift of seeing Peanut become a big sister. She is so, so, so in love with you! She is always wanting to “pet” your head, hug you, kiss you, and rock you in your sleeper. She tells me almost everyday that you’re her little sister, and she says it with the most pride, little one.

I’ve never known what it’s like to have a sister (although I’m thankful to get to be a sister to your Uncle CJ), but with your arrival, I get to watch that dynamic between the two of you, and I just can’t wait. I know there will be rough moments and fights, but my hope for you two is that you come through those days with a deeper connection and love for each other.


Sweet girl, you’re a great sleeper (so far at least) & a happy baby. You hiccup all the time and make the most adorable little newborn squeaks. Your little eyes seem to be darker than your sister’s were, and I’m curious to see what color they end up being – bright blue like your daddy and sister, or if they’ll be more hazel like mine.

There are so many things I can’t wait to see as you grow up – what your personality is, what your voice sounds like saying “mama”, what your interests and hobbies are, what you want to be when you grow up… but for now, Pumpkin, I’m doing my best to just enjoy you as you are in this moment. To simply breathe in your newborn sweetness and soak up these moments that will be gone so quickly.

Welcome to the family, Little One. I love you!!

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