Web Gems – Round 12

Nacogdoches Photographer compiles great finds from around the internet

Time for another round-up of some good ol’ heartwarming goodness from around the internet… And this group is full of love & the power of God (in multiple ways)! Enjoy a few of my recent favorite finds!


  • “Every so often, we have had the opportunity to serve and bless and love on people, and I am always infinitely more fulfilled with those opportunities than I am with the opportunities to make a great return on my investment from a business standpoint” -Chip Gaines LOVE LOVE LOVE this article about a couple I am a huge fan of! This is the way I feel about loving & serving my photography clients and I couldn’t agree with them more!



  • As a photographer and a big lover of storms, this is just perfect for me!! This makes me want to go out and challenge myself to try some time-lapse photography sometime soon. It also really makes me miss Lubbock & being able to see incoming storms looming in the distance and transforming as they made their way toward the city.


  • And you can just add another reason to the list why I love JJ Watt! This is too sweet. What a neat memory for that little girl and her family!



  • Holy commercial! This is tooooo sweet!! Good job, Extra. Good job.

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