A Pull On My Heart

Sometimes there’s this pull on my heart to write… and not just write. I mean reaaaaally WRITE.

To spin and weave words together that jump straight into the hearts of the reader. Not for that moment, but forever. To open up a place they didn’t know they had. To pull at heart strings so tightly knotted that they will seemingly never be unloosed. To have my heart in the form of words be able to tug, tug, tug at those strings until they are free of the mess and sweetly dangling loose.

Sometimes there’s this pull on my heart to put words together in ways they haven’t yet been phrased – to create a new and powerful images of feelings, dreams, thoughts, experiences from scattered letters intentionally arranged. And with that pull comes the pressure of living up to that dream.

Nacogdoches photographer image of dusk on the water in San Clemente, CA


But then I take a second and realize that all I really need to do, what I’m really called to do, is pour out the words in the most honest and genuine way that I can. Whether they be glamorous or everyday versions. The imperfect can be just as powerful as the most perfectly crafted phrase. When there’s a true heart and honest emotion behind the words, they’ll do what they’re meant to do. They’ll move mountains.

And sometimes, maybe the only mountain that needs to be moved is my own. Sometimes, maybe it’s just the process of pouring my heart out through my fingertips on clicking white square keys that matters.

So here’s to embracing that pull on my heart and going for it – in all honesty and effort. No matter how pretty the outcome. And here’s to hoping that maybe, just maybe, those words will move more than just one mountain.

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