Appreciating Home

I’ve already kicked off what is going to be a whirlwind 9 weeks. LOTS of travel – some short trips, some long trips. Multiple photoshoots mixed in there on top of regular work hours. Obviously, with this being posted at 8pm rather than 8am, my schedule it just a bit thrown off at this point.

Photo Feb 22

With all of the travel, which is fun, it really makes me appreciate home. Especially when I am traveling without Max and Peanut. As much as a messy house strewn with baby toys, laundry and dirty dishes stresses me out, there’ s nothing like making it home to that familiar chaos. At the end of a long travel day, those tea cups, books, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals, and hundreds of blocks on the floor all seem to be little “Welcome Home” signs as I finally come through the door.


Thankful for safe travels, beautiful views and a well-lived in home to return to… and most importantly, the people who make that house a home.



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