Happiness Journal – Days 1-13

As a part of my Yearly Bucket List, I’ve been keeping a Happiness Journal in the month of October. It’s not in a cute notebook, or a classy leather-bound journal. It’s on my iPhone. It doesn’t have pictures to accompany each day’s entry. In fact, there really aren’t many photos to go along at all (just a few phone shots). They aren’t long entries detailing exactly what that brand of happiness felt like. To sum up – it’s not what I planned on doing.

But it’s perfect. It’s enough for me to remember that moment. I didn’t have to break out of the happiness to try to get a blog-worthy photo that could get the essence of that happiness across. I get to just wholly be in that moment, and jot it down on my phone later.

As I go, I’ll post updates of the things – both big & little – that spurred a feeling of genuine happiness. I’ve already found that I’m much more aware of each happy moment throughout my day – definitely a great thing!!! Here’s days 1-13:

  1. Having Dad here in town to take care of a sick Peanut.
  2. Recovering better than expected from my wisdom teeth coming out – hooray for not much swelling!!
  3. Happy that we are able to have medicine to give Peanut to help her feel better.
  4. Gorgeous weather outside – a little glimpse of fall. IMG_5423
  5. Seeing Peanut in her “Daddy’s Grilling Buddy” outfit – complete with chef hat and mitt! (This is one I’ll be sure to get better photos of later, but on that day I was not feeling good at all!) IMG_5430
  6. Curling up with reading materials – a book recommended by a good friend, and “trash” magazines that Max picked up for me to read during my recovery! IMG_5441
  7. Seeing my First Year Photo Project students opening up and supporting one another as they were talking about their fears.
  8. Finally having Advil kicking in to relieve my horrible headache.
  9. Watching the Texans game with my mom – her enthusiasm is oh-so-entertaining, and I love that she’s passed down her love of football to me!
  10. Peanut running over to me to come snuggle for a minute as I headed out the door to work.
  11. Taking my best friend’s engagement photos!!!! (Gotta post a sneak peek… be on the lookout for more of these two soon!)GinaRandy-2_WEB
  12. Warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.
  13. Peanut saying “mama” and taking multiple breaks during playing to come snuggle into my chest for a few seconds. Cue this mama’s heart bursting with happiness and love!

Lots of little things (and lots of great people) that have made a big impact on my heart and on my day!!

What’s something that made you happy in the past few days?

7 thoughts on “Happiness Journal – Days 1-13

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