It’s definitely been a circus at our house for the past week and a half/two weeks…

Sweet Peanut was fighting fever, congestion, more incoming teeth, two ear infections, some horrible itchy bumps that have the doctor somewhat stumped, and a secondary head-to-toe rash that decided to join the party. Poor thing was in-and-out of school, and then ended up going in-and-out of the doctor’s office a few times. Multiple medications and about two weeks later, and I think we’re finally on the mend!  Still hoping for the big bumps to go away completely, but the rest of it seems to be back to normal – thank God!

In the midst of this, I had three of my teeth removed on the Thursday of the first week Peanut wasn’t feeling well. I felt pretty lucky as I seemed to be handling it like a champ – not too much swelling, and the pain was manageable. I actually told my dad that night that I wanted to try to go into the office the next day. He very quickly squashed that idea. Then my normal luck returned…. and I felt like I got hit like a Mack truck with the mother of all head colds on Friday. Without really being able to eat much, my body apparently couldn’t fight it off and it really had me down for the count for the majority of last week. Turns out it became a pretty bad sinus infection, so I’m still on meds to try to get that all cleared up.


In the midst of all this chaos and never-ending boxes of tissue, I’ve been trying to keep up with my Happiness Journal (more on that later this week). In reality, yes, the past two weeks haven’t exactly been ideal, but I really can’t complain too much. Through it all it’s been so clear to see how blessed I am with such a supportive family who cares about Max, Peanut and I. I’m thankful for a great pediatrician’s office, and for the wonder of modern medicine. I am so appreciative to have an understanding and supportive work team who tried their best to make sure I stayed home to rest and get well. And although it wasn’t exactly vacation, I’m trying to be thankful for the rest and the unexpected time off (though I still wish I could have been at work!). And most of all, our family is healthy – no major illnesses to fight at this point, and it just hurts my heart thinking about all the families that can’t say the same. Sure, this was a lot all at once, but I’ll take it.



Going into this week, I’m trying to remind myself to continue to take it slow as we try to get back to the normal routine. And as always, I’m reminding myself of just how much I have in this life that I should be thankful for!!

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