Movie Challenge – September

We’re really on a roll with the not doing so hot with the Movie Challenge… July was a bit of a bust with tv shows and movies that only really got picked because they were available. And then we just couldn’t quite make it happen in August. Between the orientation-season hangover, a death in the family, a few days in San Diego, and the beginning of school/Weeks of Welcome, we just didn’t have the time. And I guess to be honest… when we did have the time, I needed to sleep. There. I said it.

Anyway… we got back on top of things in September (thanks, Kevin Costner).  And hey… we maaaay have squeezed the third film in on the last day of the month… but it still counts, y’all.

His Pick:

3 Days to Kill

3 days to kill

This was the one we squeezed in on the last day… and I’ll be honest. We almost gave up on this one. Had it not been for the “guilty conscience” of not living up to the challenge last month, I probably would have just went to bed at the end of hour one. Not altogether HORRIBLE, but it definitely seemed to try waaaaaaaaay too hard.


My Pick:  



This was pretty good. Max tried to seem uninterested (and maybe he was in the beginning), but when it ended he admitted to being slightly frustrated to now have to wait until the next one comes out. I think I still liked the book better, but that’s not real surprising. Overall, I think the casting suited the characters in the book, and I think they did a great job of constructing that world for the film. Not a favorite by any means, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up watching the next movie as well.


Our Pick: 

Draft Day

draft day

This was one that neither of us was dying to see, but we’d heard it was actually pretty good. I loved Jennifer Garner’s character, and the way the film was put together was great. It did get me thinking about if that’s really what draft day is like for the teams and players, and I did enjoy it. Yes, it was a little predictable at times, but overall it was good. Interesting way to look at the “go with your gut, no matter what anyone else says” kind of idea, and it was a cool way to spin how deciding whether or not to go with that advice can affect not only your day, but your life.

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