Web Gems – Round 7

Web Gems


Time for Round 7!!! Lots of things to move you & inspire you today… and one that just really made me laugh.


  • These images… the love and strength they perfectly captured… I just can’t get over them. Such a beautiful reminder that beauty is in the love you have, the laughter you share, and the light in your eyes. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Andrea Jacobson did a stellar job with these photographs.

SMP Courageous Bride



  • This is just too beautiful! The work, and the way that this mama is bringing her daughter’s work come to life at a time where so many would just dismiss that work as scribbles. I truly hope I can be that uplifting and empowering to others – especially Peanut!



  • So…. wow. These 22 things were most definitely a blast from the past… minus #18. Never never never did that one. Ever.
  • Y’all. This had me in tears. What an amazing little girl. And Miranda Lambert? Love her even more now.

Today Show Miranda Lambert Brooke Hester


  • And one more powerful video to round out today…. This is such a great idea!


2 thoughts on “Web Gems – Round 7

  1. Thanks Brooke brightened my day and I Lost it when I saw the little boy singing to the baby brother. Honestly when we brought James home Daniel stood”guard” over him on his swinging crib, singing to him, talking to him and reporting every tiny movement and noise. Oh to go back and capture it all with today’s technology! Big hugs to peanut. I am back to Houston from Oct 17 till 23 just in case you are at your parents. Love you xoxo

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