Hometown Adventures – SFA Football

Last weekend my parents came up for a football game and it was wonderful – we got a cold snap and it was soooooo nice to wear a jacket rather than dripping sweat like the game the previous week! We loaded up a bunch of food (made by my wonderful husband), set up a tailgate spot and enjoyed the afternoon.

SFA Football 9.14.2014-1_WEB

SFA Football 9.14.2014-3_WEB

And that wonderful husband of mine?? He scored major points by figuring out a way to get the Texas Tech game on the iPad. Didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but it was nice to still be able to watch my Red Raiders while waiting to watch the Lumberjacks!

SFA Football 9.14.2014-6_WEB

I had both my camera and our little family camera with us, so I was able to actually be in some of the photos of the day. I’m really working on that! Gotta have proof that I was actually at all these things we do… IMG_1394_WEB

SFA Football 9.14.2014-5_WEB

So I have to say that onesie of Peanut’s is pretty much God’s honest truth. At least I think so! And her daddy’s pretty darn good looking too.


We decided to let Peanut in on the ribs Max made… We’ll just say she was definitely a fan. SFA Football 9.14.2014-11_WEB

SFA Football 9.14.2014-16_WEBSFA Football 9.14.2014-15_WEB

She was also loving the axe handles made by the Freshman Leadership Academy students. If you’re around an SFA football game, bring some money to buy an axe handle and help support the FLA fundraiser!! SFA Football 9.14.2014-17_WEB

This series of shots is just too sweet for words! SFA Football 9.14.2014-23_WEB

I ended up just bringing the little camera with me into the game… hauling the baby’s gear was enough for me so I opted for the lightweight option! IMG_1416_WEB

Peanut may have been more interested in the play on the field than getting her picture taken… and I have to say I think I’m ok with that. I hope she continues to love football! IMG_1420_WEB

All in all, it was a great day supporting our Lumberjacks!

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