My Little Fashionista

Y’all… my kid is obsessed with shoes.


It’s waaaaay cute, until my dad throws out the name “Jimmy Choo” and I can feel our bank account shrinking already haha… I always respond with something along the lines of “They will look great on her when she has a good, high-paying job.” For real though, this little girl can’t get enough of her shoes. Or my shoes for that matter. Most mornings as I get ready, she will toddle into my closet after finishing her milk and set about pulling shoes off of the shelf, sometimes handing them to me to put on.

I’ve found when I need 5 minutes or so to finish something up, letting her sit with a pile of shoes typically keeps her occupied long enough for me to get it done. Makes my heart swell watching her trying to put the shoes on herself! It’s a small thing, and yes it’s convenient to have her still and in one place for a little while, but mostly, I love seeing her determination. Her desire to figure out just how to get that shoe on her foot. Her willingness to fail, and then just simply try again. A good reminder for her perfectionist mama!


And really, look at these sweet little shoes… who can blame her for being drawn to them?!?! Sweet bows, flowers and a little sparkle here and there. It’s a good thing a lot of these are gifts or hand-me-downs cause otherwise our budget may be taking a big hit!




Little things like this love of shoes are so fun to see developing in her personality… And I’m soaking up these days of hearing those little strips of velcro opening and closing because one day I know we’ll no longer need it.

And who knows… maybe I’m raising the next Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin!


4 thoughts on “My Little Fashionista

  1. Love this blog. She really is the “shoe” girl but for the record she did not get that from me. I am wearing “plain white Keds” today!!!


  2. Yes, I see “shoe designer” … easy to see where she gets it – look at you, how creative you are! Little girl’s shoes, Mary-Jane’s, are so adorable, especially on her.


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