Newborn Portraits – Jack Davis

Y’all… this sweet boy. Where do I even start??

I guess I’ll start with his sweet family. His older sister is so full of life and was such a help with little brother! She brought bottles, helped pick out/pick up blankets and props… gave him sweet kisses on his itty bitty toes. Just precious.

Jack Davis-17_WEB

Jack Davis-2_WEBI just LOVE seeing tiny babies in the arms of their daddy. You hear so much about a mother’s love, but there’s also just something about how a daddy can make that little one feel so secure! I imagine little Jack Davis will grow up to be a lot like his daddy.

Jack Davis-6_WEB

Jack Davis got his name from his grandfather, and I can’t imagine a more powerful honor than to have a precious grandchild carry your name. And carry that name he does! How cute is that sweet personalized outfit?
Jack Davis-18_WEB

Jack Davis-25_WEB

Jack Davis-34_WEB

Gah! I just love all those little details!

Jack Davis-37_WEB

Jack Davis-60_WEB

Jack Davis-54_WEB

Jack Davis-64_WEB

Such a sweet little man… I sooooo enjoyed my snuggles with him! Jack Davis-65_WEB


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