Taking Time To Be A Kid

So after one of those days where I felt like I just couldn’t quite catch up to the pace my day decided to go, I ended up making a point to just be a little kid. As Peanut and I pulled up to the house, I noticed that Max had the sprinklers running in the front yard. Watching the evening light dancing around in the water droplets just called my name. It seemed like the perfect time to just play, cool off a little, and cross something off of my Yearly Bucket List!


I knew I’d have fun running around through the sprinklers, and I figured Peanut would too, being the water baby that she is… but I wasn’t 100% sure though. She spent a few minutes assessing the situation, and eventually seemed up for it. (Side note… those little pigtails? They get me every time. Even when they end up all crooked by the end of the day.)




Aaaaaaaaaand go time…. (Thanks to Max for snapping some pictures!)SprinklersAug2014-8_WEBSprinklersAug2014-9_WEB


This one just cracks me up! SprinklersAug2014-13_WEBSprinklersAug2014-14_WEB



We couldn’t leave Max out of all the fun, so he took a turn too.


And then my heart melted. It never gets old seeing those two together!! SprinklersAug2014-21_WEB



Pretty sure the little one LOVED running through the water on her Daddy’s shoulders…


All in all, it was soooo much fun, and just what I needed. I hope I always remember to take time to do silly, fun, spur-of-the-moment things with Peanut… These are the things I want her to remember as she looks back on her childhood. These are the times I want her to know are important… the times spent playing, laughing and being with family.




Here’s to making the most of the summertime we have left. Here’s to shrieks and squeals & giggles of delight. Here’s to sprinklers. And here’s to the Peanut who makes things like this even more fun. SprinklersAug2014-34_WEB

5 thoughts on “Taking Time To Be A Kid

  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I love this post!!! I can’t wait to run through the sprinklers with her this weekend!!!! Love, love, love the photos!! Max is pretty good at photography as well…


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