First Day of School

At the university where I work, today’s the first day of school for the year. It’s an exciting time, and I love seeing familiar faces from orientation as students cross campus in these early days of the semester. There’s the sense of excitement, some anxious energy, and a little sadness at a another summer’s goodbye.

For many of the amazing clients I get to work with, this is a last first day. It’s the beginning of a final chapter in their time in college, and it’s a bittersweet moment. I am so blessed to get to work with so many amazing students who have really made the most of their time at school. They’ve grown in so many ways, and as they enter their last year (or last semester), they’re getting ready to grow even more.


So to you students out there, enjoy this first day. Enjoy the excitement, embrace a little bit of that anxiety and let it drive you to make this semester the best one yet. Take time to sit back and breathe it all in. Have fun, work hard and make the most of it. Happy first day of school, y’all!!


Side note: If you’re graduating this year, don’t forget to book your senior portraits early. Spots are limited and they do fill up fast!

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