Web Gems – Round 6

Web Gems

Round 6 y’all… Here we go…

  • O my goodness, I don’t even know where to start with this… What an amazing gift for the parents, and a gift for the photographer as well. So incredibly touching!
  • This. This! Most people who know me know I have developed a deep love for elephants. The story of this amazing group of people going in to rescue this sweet elephant, just touches my heart! It’s amazing to me how these animals have demonstrated such deep emotion, and I’m happy he had a happy ending!

Elephant Rescue

  • These photos are a great reminder that no matter what decade, city or country, motherhood is a universally uniting force. This photo in particular resonated with me since Peanut has been loving giving kisses lately. They’ve evolved over the past few weeks, and she now even makes a little kissing noise and purses her lips when she wants a kiss… and then I melt.

Motherhood photos

  • Ok so I may be like, 12 years old… but these cracked me up. Personal favorite may have to be “Spray Scream.”
  • This totally cracks me up… and I’m so up for a shoot like this if anyone is interested! Ha!

Puppy newborn photos

  • And finally…. I am so sad this bad boy wasn’t around when I was on campus!! Such a cool idea. Proud of Texas Tech for being innovative, and the fact that it’s a way to bring food to students?? Even better.


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