Movie Challenge – July

This month was a bit of an “off” month as far as the movie challenge goes… Our pick wasn’t exactly a movie, and each of our individual picks won out based on lack of other options, but even though it wasn’t the most intentionally selected line up, it didn’t fail to entertain.

His pick:



I was soooo surprised Max picked this movie! With his more-than-strong dislike for flying, I never would have guessed this would be one he would choose. Also surprising? How much I enjoyed it (at least until the last 10 minutes or so). We both were impressed with the way the story was put together, and how it was so unlike your typical Hollywood action movie (at least until the last 10 minutes or so). Even with the ending that didn’t really keep pace with the way I’d enjoyed the majority of the film, I’m glad he picked this one – worth the $1.50 at Redbox.

My pick:

Now You See Me



Again, I’ll admit this was one that got picked a little by default. Not much to choose from on Netflix or at Redbox, and the end of the month was rapidly approaching, so this one won out. Really, it was the cast more than the story line that caught my attention at first, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Definitely not one I’ll rave about, but again, worth the $1.50 in entertainment. A few twists and turns, as you’d expect in a film about magic, but nothing too spectacular.

Our pick: 

Brother vs. Brother Season 2

Brother vs Brother


Ok, ok… so this one isn’t a movie. But it is a show we both enjoy, and with the time-commitment of watching a whole season of a tv series.. it’s gotta at least be close to counting, right? We watch the other “Brothers” shows on re-runs, and the first season of Brother vs. Brother pulled us right in. Interesting twist to the renovation shows by adding the level of competition as well as putting numbers on the amount of value added by the projects. The contestants tend to stress me out at times with their lack of ability to finish the project in time, but it’s worth it!

One thought on “Movie Challenge – July

  1. I liked Now You See Me more than I thought I would thanks to Mark Ruffalo and the surprising twist at the end. Normally I can call a twist before it ever happens, but this time I was truly surprised! I also loved Brother vs. Brother more than I thought I would. The previews seemed a little cheesy, but I also enjoyed the new way of adding competition through numbers.


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