The Yearly Bucket List

So I tried to start a short-term bucket list a few years ago, and while I made some progress on some of the items, I didn’t finish it as well as I wanted to. Soooo… here’s round 2.

Yearly Bucket List

I’ve decided to make a Yearly to-do list of 10-20 items each year around my birthday, and then try to fill that next year with the things on the list. Some will be simple, some may be a little more exciting, but they will all be reminders to not get caught in the everyday day-to-day to-do lists. They’ll be a reminder to not only live life, but to live it intentionally & make a point to make time for fun things. Some items may be similar to the original list, and some are brand new.

So here it is.. Round 1 of the Yearly Bucket List!

  1. Go camping.
  2. Write & mail hand-written “love letters” to important people in my lifeDone – July 
  3. Read at least 4 books – two recommended to me by loved ones, at least one non-fiction, and one just for fun. Done
  4. Host a wine tasting party. Done – December 13th
  5. Run through the sprinklers. Done – August 27th
  6. Print more of my photography for our house. Done – July 24th
  7. Have a picnic.
  8. Go on a weekend getaway with Max. Done – December 20th-21st
  9. See a play. Done – November 21st – Spamalot (and December 20th – A Christmas Carol)
  10. Run two 5k races.
  11. Try a sewing project (something other than pillows or burp cloths). Done
  12. Plant hydrangeas in our yard. (This one was kind of done – we planted lots of plants and plenty of flowers, but the flower bed that the hydrangeas will go in needs a major overhaul, so we didn’t get hydrangeas in this year.) 
  13. Re-finish or re-purpose a flea market or antique mall find. Done – July 22nd
  14. Give gifts to 2 or 3 people, “just because.” Done x3
  15. Go to a museum. Done – USS Lexington, March 18th
  16. Take a self-portrait – bonus points if it’s with Peanut!Done – July 26th
  17. Keep a happiness journal everyday for at least a month. Done – October (Journal updates here, here, here and here)

I’ll post periodic updates of the list and what/how I’ve crossed them off the list! If you’ve got any suggestions for additions to this year’s list (or to lists in future years), I’d love to hear them!! Post ’em in the comments below!!

8 thoughts on “The Yearly Bucket List

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